AFC South Notes: Colts, Texans, Titans



Colts LT Anthony Castonzo discussed the team’s new DT DeForest Buckner and what he brings to Indianapolis.

DeForest Buckner is a heck of a player,” Castonzo said, via Kevin Bowen of 107.5 The Fan. “He’s a guy who gets to the quarterback from that three-technique position.”

Castonzo used his unique perspective as an offensive lineman to speculate about what type of role Buckner will play on defense going forward.

“From my understanding of playing offensive line for as long as I have, when you are playing that 4-3 defense that we play, having that three-technique who can wreak havoc is extremely important,” said Castonzo. “That’s a position that the defense really relies on and having a guy like that who can do that is exciting. I’ve never played guard or never played quarterback, but I can imagine as a quarterback when you are trying to throw the ball over the middle and someone is 6-7 with their arms extended up there in your face that makes it a lot more difficult. It’s an extremely important position and hopefully he can get the job done, and I think he can.”


  • Aaron Reiss notes that the Texans essentially swapped WR DeAndre Hopkins for WR Brandin Cooks to move up 17 spots in the draft, acquire RB David Johnson and add a 2022 fourth-round pick.
  • Aaron Wilson reports that one NFL source said of Cooks: “Injury prone, concussions a concern. Big-time speed, but he’s tight. If he’s healthy, this trade could work out for them OK, but it definitely doesn’t really replace Hopkins, especially if he isn’t healthy.”
  • Wilson reports that Texans Executive VP of Football Operations Jack Easterby has an extremely close relationship with Cooks and that a major trade factor was Easterby vouching for him.
  • “Brandon is an A-plus team guy, great character, great work ethic and he can help you build a culture,” a league source told Wilson. “Easterby knows that. They’re both devoutly religious. Brandin has a lot of attention to detail. In a very rare category when it comes to practice tempo.”


  • Turron Davenport reports that West Virginia CB Keith Washington had video interviews with the Jets and Chargers. Other teams that have expressed the most interest include the Rams, Browns, Panthers, and Titans.
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