AFC West Notes: Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, Raiders



  • According to KUSA’s Mike Klis, Broncos OT Elijah Wilkinson has a high ankle sprain and his status for this week is in doubt. 
  • Broncos HC Vic Fangio said his confidence in second-round QB Drew Lock‘s strong start to his career not being a false positive is continuing to grow: “I’m encouraged by what Drew has done. Part of it is because of the negative. We played tough game in tough environment a week ago (in KC) against great team and things didn’t go well, but I liked the way he handled it.” (Klis)


The Chargers dropped another game on Sunday, falling 24-17 to the Raiders. The loss didn’t do anything to quiet speculation about QB Philip Rivers‘ future with the Chargers, but the 38-year-old veteran told reporters on Sunday that while he still has to talk to his family after the season, as far as he’s concerned he still thinks he can play. 

“I’m capable enough physically and mentally, there’s no question,” Rivers said via ESPN’s Eric Williams. “Yes, I do want to play football. I do, and that’s how I feel deep down as I stand here.”

If Rivers wants to play, the next logical question is if the Chargers will want him back. Rivers is in the final year of his deal with Los Angeles and has been responsible for 24 turnovers this season. His 18 interceptions are second in the NFL and while injuries have held the Chargers back again this year, those turnovers hurt whatever chances the team had left. With a potential pick in the top ten, there’s a case for the Chargers to move on even if Rivers still has gas left in the tank. 

“It’s probably human nature when you’re 38 and you throw some interceptions in games and they don’t go the way you want them to, that it can become, and that’s what people say: ‘You can’t make the throw you used to make’ or ‘You can’t do this’ — arm strength and all of that,” Rivers said. “And just none of that is true. I’ve made some throws this year that have been as good as throws that I’ve made in any years of my career, but I’m not here to sell that. So physically and what I’m able to do is just what I was able to do last year when we were rolling and having one of our best years. Even in some of these games the last few weeks, we’ve had some really good plays offensively. But that doesn’t meant that that’s good enough for someone to want you to keep playing, because you have to maintain that consistency throughout games and do enough to win football games, which we haven’t done, and I haven’t done well enough this year.”


New Chiefs OLB Terrell Suggs says he’s just trying to do his best to fit in with his new team. 

“The boys are balling. I’m just an added addition to an already-moving train. It’s a good start and it’s on to next week. . . . There’s not much I can do. They were in the AFC Championship last year,” Suggs said, via the Kansas City Star. “The only thing I can do is try to help us get back there and help us actually punch the ticket this time.


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