Bears Were Only Team Willing To Trade Up To No. 2 For Mitch Trubisky?



Ian Rapoport reports that the 49ers, in fact, have a “real and legitimate” offer from another team to move up to No. 2 overall, but the Bears offered the best value for them.


According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, there weren’t any other teams interested in trading up with the 49ers to get QB Mitch Trubisky other than the Bears, which means that they were essentially bidding against themselves.

While the 49ers were clearly trying to trade the No. 2 pick, Robinson says that no one was interested in paying their price.

Robinson mentions that the Billsabsolutely had legit interest” in Trubisky. However, they weren’t willing to trade up to move up to No. 2 overall, considering how much it would have cost them in draft compensation.

As for the Browns, Robinson says that they had no interest in parting with multiple first-round picks to move up from No. 12 overall for one player.

Michael Lombardi has been trying to track down the teams that may have been interested in competing with the Bears to get Trubisky and he wasn’t able to find any. According to Lombardi, the Jets never even called the 49ers about a potential deal.

Last night, Jeff Darlington reported that the Bears were “convinced” that the 49ers had two other trade offers for the No. 2 overall pick, resulting in Chicago feeling they had to “sweeten” the deal.

In the end, the Bears agreed to move up one spot to get their quarterback.

The trade amounted to:

Bears receive:

  • 2017 first-round pick (No. 2): Mitchell Trubisky

49ers receive:

  • 2017 first-round pick (No. 3): Solomon Thomas
  • 2017 third-round pick (No. 67):
  • 2017 fourth-round pick (No. 111): Traded to Seahawks
  • 2018 third-round pick

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