Browns Head Coach Rumors


Here’s a running list of rumors related to the Browns head coaching search. Wednesday

  • Tony Grossi reports that the Browns and Patriots OC Josh McDaniels had more conversations this past week and he could be back in the mix for the job.  (Update: 10:40 pm)
    • Ian Rapoport reports that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is not back in the mix and adds that Bills DC Mike Pettine remains the “clear favorite” for the job. (Update: 10:43 pm)
  • Football Scoop is reporting that the Cleveland Browns met with former Buccaneers HC Greg Schaino on Wednesday. (Update: 7:41 pm)
  • Mary Kay Cabot confirms the reports that the Browns “mystery” candidate is Greg Schiano. (Update: 7:41 pm)
  • Albert Breer reports that Schiano has called people around the league about CEO Joe Banner while Browns owner Jimmy Haslem has also talked to Patriots HC Bill Belichick regarding Schiano. (Update: 7:45 pm)
  • Ian Rapoport reports that a source has informed him that the Browns will not hire Greg Schiano for the job, despite meeting with him on Wednesday. (Update: 7:58 pm)
  • Jason La Canfora reports that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn remains in the mix for the job. (Update: 7:58 pm)

It’s worth noting that the Belichick vouched for Schiano during the Buccaneers head coaching search and is close to Browns GM Mike Lombardi.

  • Adam Schefter is now reporting that the Browns are down to two finalists for their head coaching job and intend to meet with them on Thursday.
    • Schefter adds that Bills DC Mike Pettine remains the a favorite.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Mike Pettine will fly to Cleveland tomorrow for a third interview with the Browns.
    • Rapoport adds that the Browns spent Wednesday morning in Florida meeting with an “unnamed candidate” for the job.  (Update: 7:15 pm)
  • Albert Breer is “hearing” that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn doesn’t have anything set up with the Browns. (Update: 7:15 pm)

———— Adam Schefter mentioned during a radio interview with ESPN Radio that a “curveball” could be coming with regards to the Browns head coaching job. “I’ll say this on the Cleveland Browns. Expect the unexpected,” said Schefter, via Rotoworld. “If they wanted to hire [Pettine] they could just go ahead and do that and maybe they still will. But me reading between the lines, they’re hopping around, they’re interviewing other candidates, they’re bouncing around the country. I think if Pettine were their guy it would just be over and done with. And the longer it goes on the less likely in my mind that Pettine becomes the guy. I think I would categorize him now as a fall back option. I think they’re looking at other things. … Get ready for that curveball.” Schefter makes some good points here. Pettine has interviewed twice for the job and some believed a deal was close as of Tuesday, and yet the Browns brass left Mobile, Alabama without an agreement in place. Pettine still expects to hear from the Browns tonight, but it appears as though they aren’t sold him being their best option. Cleveland is reportedly interested in Seahawks DC Dan Quinn, so they could be waiting for an opportunity to meet with him after the Super Bowl while doing their due diligence in the time being.

  • Vaughn McClure reports that Falcons OC Dirk Koetter has already interviewed for the Browns HC position and is viewed as a “longshot candidate.
  • Mike Pettine told, per Mary Kay Cabot, that “I should have some feedback on my interview by the end of the day.”
  • According to Jason La Canfora, should Bills DC Mike Pettine get the Browns head coaching job, he could target Packers RBs coach Alex Van Pelt (Pack RB coach as offensive coordinator.

———– Tuesday

  • Nate Urlich reports the Browns front office executives have finished their interview with Bills DC Mike Pettine and will interview another candidate on Wednesday. (Update: 10:35 pm)
  • Mark Gaughan is “hearing” that Bills DC Mike Pettine is going to get the Browns job and adds that “a deal is close.” (Update: 10:17 pm)
    • According to Ian Rapoport’s source, if the Browns are going to hire Mike Pettine “it’s not happening tonight.” (Update: 10:45 pm)
  • Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that “things could progress quickly” between the Browns and Bills DC Mike Pettine depending on his second interview with the team goes Tuesday night. (Update: 6:31 pm)
    • Cabot adds that although the Browns have an interview scheduled with Falcons OC Dirk Koetter the meeting could be depend on how things go Tuesday night. (Update: 6:31 pm)
    • Daryl Ruiter reports that Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam, CEO Joe Banner, President Alec Scheiner and GM Mike Lombardi flew to Mobile, Alabama to meet with Bills DC Mike Pettine. (Update: 7:02 pm)
  • Jason La Canfora reports that the Browns have no no interviews other than with Falcons OC Dirk Koetter and Bills DC Mike Pettine scheduled.
    • La Canfora adds that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn remains in the mix.
  • Alex Marvez reports that Falcons OC Dirk Koetter will interview for the Browns head coaching job.
  • 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh mentioned that he’s spoken to the Browns regarding some of the team’s assistants who could be candidates for their head coaching vacancy, per Matt Maiocco.
  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Browns are scheduling second interview with Bills DC Mike Pettine.
    • Schefter adds that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn remains a candidate for the job as well as “other candidates.”
    • Pettine’s interview is scheduled to meet with the Bills Tuesday night, according to Schefter.
    • Ian Rapoport reports that the Browns plan on meeting with Seahawks DC Dan Quinn in either New York or New Jersey.
      • The Browns would have to meet with Quinn no later than a week before Super Bowl or wait until after the game.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Broncos OC Adam Gase has thanked the Browns for their interest in him as a candidate for their head coaching job, but informed them that he won’t interview for the position.
    • Rapoport adds that “it would take a perfect situation” to convince Gase to leave Denver at this time.

———— Monday

  • Bill Williamson of reports that the Browns have done background work on 49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula last week.
    • Williams adds that Tomsula could become candidate for their head coaching vacancy.

———— Sunday

  • ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Browns are still waiting to hear from Broncos OC Adam Gase.
  • Mortensen adds that Bills DC Mike Pettine and Seattle DC Dan Quinn are expected to get second interviews for the job.
  • The Browns may still have interest in Patriots OC Josh McDaniels if he changes his mind.

———— Ian Rapoport reports that the Browns would like to meet with Seahawks DC Dan Quinn for a second interview regarding this head coaching vacancy.

  • Rapoport adds that there is “mutual interest” between the two parties.
  • According to Rapoport, Quinn could target offensive coordinator such as Kyle Shanahan, Gary Kubiak and Mike Mularkey if does in fact get the job.

As for Broncos OC Adam Case, who is believed to be set on returning to Denver next season, Gase reportedly feels that he is in a great situation and would only consider departing for the “perfect opportunity,” according to Rapoport.

  • Rapoport adds that Gase may not even meet with the Browns regarding their head coaching job.

————– Saturday Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Broncos OC Adam Gase is “leaning toward” staying in Denver for another season, despite interest from the Browns regarding this head coaching position. ————- Friday Jay Glazer reports that Broncos OC Adam Gase has “always been the top target” for the Browns head coaching job.

  • Glazer adds that Gase will not consider any job until the Broncos season has concluded and even then he may not be interested in taking the Browns head coaching position.
  • According to Glazer, Seahawks DC Dan Quinn is also high on theBrowns head coaching list and he reportedly has shown more interest in the job than Gase.
  • Bills DC Mike Pettine’s reported “went well,” according to Glazer.

———— Thursday

  • Jay Glazer reports that Cowboys special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia will interview for the Browns head coaching position on Saturday.

———- Wednesday

  • Jay Glazer reports that the Browns have scheduled an interview with Bills DC Mike Pettine for their head coaching vacancy.
    • Glazer adds that Pettine will interview for the job on Thursday.
  • Chris Mortensen tossed out an intriguing name regarding the Browns head coaching job: former Buccaneers HC Greg Schiano.
    • Mortensen mentions that he’s not reporting that the Browns have interest in Schiano, but notes that opposing head coaches like Pete Carroll were “impressed” with the Buccaneers this year.
  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter believes the Browns are in a good situation now that they are the only team still looking for a head coach.
    • Schefter mentions that the Browns can now can wait for coaches to be available or hire any of the remaining options.
  • Browns owner Jimmy Haslam released a statement addressing their plan for their head coaching search and asked for patience from the fanbase. (ESPN Cleveland)

———— Tuesday

  • Albert Breer mentions that the only candidates still available who have already interviewed for the Browns job are: Packers QBs coach Ben McAdoo, Seahawks DC Dan Quinn and former Titans HC Mike Munchak. (Update: 3:34 pm)
  • Mike Garafolo has learned that Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles has told the Cleveland Browns to remove him from their list of potential candidates for their Head Coaching job. (Update: 2:59 pm)
  • The Cleveland Browns are reportedly willing to wait for a chance to interview Broncos OC Adam Gase before hiring their next head coach, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

————- Monday

  • Mary Kay Cabot reports a league source has informed her that former HC Rob Chudzinski has not been in contact with any of the Browns head coaching candidates.
    • Cabot mentions that several of Broncos OC Adam Gase’s colleagues have warned him to be cautious with the Browns because of what transpired with Chudzinski.
    • According to Cabot, the Browns still owe Chudzinski close to $10.5 million for the remaining three years of his contract.
  • Alex Marvez of Fox Sports reports that former Titans HC Mike Munchak is interviewing with the Browns Monday regarding their head coaching vacancy.

————- Sunday

  • Albert Breer reports that people around the league are getting the feeling that the Browns head coaching job is “seen as radioactive.”
    • Breer reports that the Browns have interviewed five candidates for the jon including: Seahawks DC Dan Quinn, Packers QB coach Ben McAdoo, Chargers OC Ken Whisenhunt, Patriots OC Josh McDaniels and Cardinals DC Todd Bowles. (Update: 8:51 pm)
    • Breer adds that Cleveland has yet to offer the job to anyone. (Update: 8:51 pm)
  • Jay Glazer reports that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn will interview with the Browns next week.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Browns have “all eyes” on Denver OC Adam Gase.
    • Rapoport mentions that the Browns want offense with regards to their hire, which explains why they are targeting guys like Gase and Packers QB coach Ben McAdoo.
    • According to Rapoport, candidates for the Browns job have been calling former HC Rob Chudzinski.
    • Rapoport adds that it’s “tough to lure candidates after one-and-done.

————— Saturday

  • Jason La Canfora reports that the Browns have not given up hope of hiring Denver OC Adam Gase or Auburn HC Gus Malzahn as their next head coach.
    • La Canfora adds that Malzahn remains a “longshot” as he’s reportedly very happy at Auburn.
    • As for Gase, La Canfora mentions that there is no guarantee that he will interview for the job given that he could stay on with the Broncos and set himself up to be “the it coordinator” next year.
    • According to La Canfora, there’s a good chance the Browns will interview Panthers DC Sean McDermott at some point.


  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Chargers OC Ken Whisenhunt is scheduled to interview with the Browns Saturday.

————– Wednesday

  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Cleveland Browns head coaching vacancy.
    • Schefter’s source added that although McDaniels said had “an awesome” meeting with Cleveland, he doesn’t believe it’s the right time for him to become a head coach.
    • Football Scoop reports that sources believed the Browns were “all in” on McDaniels.
    • Peter King mentions that the Browns met with McDaniels for seven and half hours this past weekend and owner Jimmy Haslem reportedly “loved” him.
    • Albert Breer reports that McDaniels primary reason for withdrawing his name is that he wanted to create stability for his family.
    • Pro Football Talk mentions that McDaniels withdrawing his name is a “great way to save face if an offer isn’t coming.”
    • Mary Kay Cabot reports that Josh McDaniels withdrew himself from the Browns coaching search after he was told he wasn’t the frontrunner for the job. (Update: 7:37 pm)
      • Cabot adds that McDaniels asked if he was No. 1 candidate on their list, and was reportedly told no.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Browns are still trying to get an interview setup with Vanderbilt HC James Franklin.

————- Tuesday

  • Jason La Canfora reports that the Browns will travel to Green Bay on Wednesday to interview Packers QBs coach Ben McAdoo. (Update: 8:21 pm)
  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Browns will interview Packers QBs coach Ben McAdoo for their head-coaching vacancy.

————- Monday

  • Jason La Canfora mentions that the Browns “would love” an opportunity to interview Auburn HC Gus Malzahn. (Update: 8:41 pm)
  • Nate Ulrich reports that league sources have confirmed that Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops will not interview for the Browns head coaching vacancy.
    • Jason La Canfora reports that the Browns never intended to interview Stoops, who is reportedly looking to leave Oklahoma or just wants a raise.

———– Sunday

  • Jason La Canfora reports that the Browns are expected to speak to Bengals OC Jay Gruden at some point.

———— Saturday

  • Mary Kay Cabot reports that no interview has been setup with Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops. (Update: 7:43 pm)
    • Cabot adds that the Browns have no plans to talk to Stoops.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Cleveland Browns’ top-two coaching candidates are Patriots OC Josh McDaniels and Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops.
    • Rapoport adds that the Browns are also “very interested” in Broncos OC Adam Gase, but will have to wait to get an interview with him.
    • The Browns reportedly see Stoops as a “perfect mix of discipline and players coach,” per Rapoport. (Update: 2:20 pm)
    • An interview with Stoops could be setup for next week. (Update: 2:20 pm)
  • Adam Schefter reports that the Browns have requested to speak with Vanderbilt HC James Franklin.

—————— Friday

  • Ian Rapoport of reports that there is “mutual interest” between the Browns and Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops. (Update: 7:43 pm)
    • Rapoport adds that Stoops is “more open than ever to the idea of jumping to the NFL.”
  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter spoke to a Browns’ official who told him that the report regarding the Browns interviewing former Ohio State HC Jim Tressel is “totally false.”
    • The Browns official added that there is “a lot of BS coming out about us.
    • Mary Cay Cabot also reports that this is not happening.
  • Joe Dunn of Akron’s Fox Sports 1350, via Mary Cay Cabot, that former Ohio State HC Jim Tressel will interview for the Browns head coach job in the coming days.  (Update: 5:08 pm)
    • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reiterates that Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell and DC Dan Quinn will interview for the Browns job this weekend.
  • According to Tony Softli, Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops may have the “inside track” on the Browns’ head coaching job.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Cardinals DC Todd Bowles will interview for the Browns head coaching job on Friday.
  • Adam Schefter reports that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels will interview for the Browns head coaching job in New England on Saturday.

——————- Wednesday

  • Jason La Canfora reports that Auburn HC Gus Malzahn is “very much a top candidate” for the Browns job. (Update: 9:02 pm)
    • La Canfora mentions that Vanderbilt HC James Franklin is also in the mix.
    • According to La Canfora, the Browns are expected to go with either Patriots OC Josh McDaniels or one of the two college coaches.
  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Seahawks DC Dan Quinn is scheduled to interview with the Browns on Wednesday. (Update: 7:07 pm)
  • Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Cardinals have given the permission to interview DC Todd Bowles. (Update: 5:39 pm)
  • Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that the New England Patriots have granted the Browns permission to speak with OC Josh McDaniels regarding their head coaching job.



  • Mike Silver is “hearing” that Broncos OC Adam Gase and Cardinals DC Todd Bowles could both decline to interview for the Browns head coaching job. (Update: 8:29pm)
  • Mike Klis reports that the Broncos OC Adam Gase has turned down the Browns interview request so he can focus on their playoff game. (Update: 6:17 pm)
  • Jason La Canfora reports that OC Norv Turner is “very likely” to fired as the team looks for an offensive play-caller such as Josh McDaniels or Adam Gase for their head coaching vacancy. (Update: 6:00 pm)
  • Jason La Canfora reports that the Browns have asked permission to speak with Cardinals DC Todd Bowles. (Update: 4:11 pm)
  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Browns are “pushing” to interview Patriots OC Josh McDaniels, but they won’t have a chance to meet with him until January 5. (Update: 2:41 pm)
    • Jason La Canfora would have a “helluva time” thinking that someone other Josh McDaniels gets the Browns job. (Update: 3:51pm)
  • Albert Breer reports that Broncos OC Adam Gase has told teams he intends to wait until after the playoffs to discuss head coaching jobs. (Update: 2:15 pm)
  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Browns have requested permission to speak with Seahawks DC Dan Quinn regarding their head coaching vacancy. (Update: 1:31 pm)
  • Browns president Jon Banner told reporters on Friday that he doesn’t expect anyone from last year’s coaching to be a candidate. (Gregg Rosenthal)
    • If true, this would rule out Penn State HC Bill O’Brien, current DC Ray Horton, Bengals DC Mike Zimmer and Chargers OC Ken Whisenhunt.
    • Steve Doerschuk clarifies that Banner didn’t specifically say that last year’s coaching candidates won’t be considered. He just said they probably won’t be.
  • Nate Ulrich reports that the Browns have inquired about interviewing Broncos OC Adam Gase for their head coaching vacancy.
  • Jason La Canfora expects Patriots OC Josh McDaniels to be the Browns “top target.
  • Others have speculated that Penn State HC Bill O’Brien could be an option, but La Canfora adds that he had a “very rocky interview experience there a year ago.
  • La Canfora also expects recently fired Lions HC Jim Schwartz to get consideration from the Browns as well.


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Masta P
Masta P
7 years ago

Stoops would be crazy to leave Oklahoma for a team like the Browns. He can write his own ticket in Oklahoma. If The Cowboys were smart they would try to lure Stoops, they were crazy to get rid of Barry Switzer. They keep Garrett who is in over his head and get rid of good coaches like Wade Philips and Switzer and ran Jimmy Johnson off. I can’t stand Johnson and was not a Switzer or Cowboy fan but both guys did a great job and Philips was much better than Garrett.