2012 Franchise Tag Totals


Here’s a look at the 2012 totals for Franchise Tags. It’s worth noting that players who receive the tag for the second straight year will get an extra 20%.

  • Franchise tags can be applied between Feb 20th – Mar 5th.


Quarterback: $14.4 million
Running back: $7.7 million
Wide receiver: $9.4 million
Tight end: $5.4 million
Offensive line: $9.4 million
Defensive end: $10.6 million
Defensive tackle: $7.9 million
Linebacker: $8.8 million
Cornerback: $10.6 million
Safety: $6.2 million
Kicker/Punter: $2.6 million

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When will it be official when teams get compensatory picks for losing players to free agency? For Example: Giants loss Boss, Smith and Cofield, they also signed Baas. So according to the numbers, Baas and Cofield are a wash as both fall into the 4th round cap. However; the Giants should be getting comp from Boss and Smith. maybe a 5th and a 7th respectfully. When will the compensatory picks be officially??

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

Great question!

Last year the NFL distributed compensatory picks on March 25th so it would make sense for them to announce the picks by the end of March. You seem to understand how the process works overall but there’s always a few surprises so it will be interesting to see how the remainder of the draft order fills out.