Haynesworth Closer To Being Dealt?


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that a league source with knowledge of the Washington Redskins trouble with Albert Haynesworth suggests that the team plans on keeping Haynesworth available until a deal is reached in the coming weeks.

Haynesworth ended up sitting out Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans because of an ankle injury.

The Redskins have been reported to be asking for a second-round pick in a deal for Haynesworth. The problem seems to be that Haynesworth value is decreasing every week that he isn’t on the field being productive. Teams are becoming more and more reluctant to trade away highly coveted draft picks for players with a history of trouble.

The Tennessee Titans have been rumored to be the best fit for a possible Haynesworth trade but there hasn’t been much progress between the two teams in the last few weeks. This could be because the Titans plan on holding out for a better deal from the Redskins. It could take a key injury to a teams nose-tackle for a deal to gain some momentum but you can be sure that the team is ready to be rid of him.

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