NFC Notes: Cowboys, Falcons, Giants



Cowboys S George Iloka has been working with the second unit up to this point, but he says he’s trying to get to the point where he can react, as opposed to thinking about what he should be doing. 

“The next step for me is taking it from thinking to just now reacting and playing my game using my strengths and things like that. That’s the next step for me in my evolution,” Iloka said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It’s just a process from where I was at from Day One. I feel like I’m a lot further than I was then. Obviously, I’ve got to keep progressing and taking those steps to where I want to get to in mid-preseason.

“It can click tomorrow. I know the defense. It’s just getting to the point where you’re not thinking and just reacting, and that just comes with repetition. There’s no set number, no set anything; ‘Oh this is the moment’ and this and that. I’ve played this game long enough it comes with repetition and those amount of reps come about by mid-trading camp and then your just riding a bike. It’s a process. I like where I am in the process, and I know where I want to get in the process.”



Giants LT Nate Solder said Thursday that he couldn’t guarantee that he’ll be ready for the start of training camp after undergoing an ankle scope. 

“Am I 100 percent sure?” Solder said, per Ralph Vacchiano. “Are you 100 percent sure you’ll be there? It’s hard to say. I’m on a great path right now and I’m taking it day by day.

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