NFC Notes: Dak Prescott, Eagles, Giants


Dak Prescott

While not as prolific a runner as some other quarterbacks, mobility has always been a key part of Cowboys QB Dak Prescott‘s game. However, owner Jerry Jones subscribes to the belief that the key to preserving long-term sustainability at quarterback is to limit running, and he was doing that even before Prescott’s season-ending injury this year. 

“I always handicapped to some degree Dak because of the fact that he’s so effective and has been in his career running, in the running game, and his ability to take it down and get the big play and get the yards,” Jones said in a radio interview with 105.3 The Fan. “I’ve always known that he couldn’t do that like that for long in the NFL. You can’t do that. [Troy] Aikman had a lot of mobility when he first came in his first couple of years, and, boy, that stopped quickly and we got to where we had trouble just with his mobility period around the pocket. You can’t count on that.”

Losing Prescott for the season on the precipice of handing him a massive contract has only made Jones more aware of the risk. While it’s tough to take out an element that’s becoming more and more key to running an offense in the modern NFL, Jones wants Prescott to be smart about the hits he takes. 

“Now, when you say ‘handicap,’ no, it’s just a part of the game that we’re not going to be able to figure in,” Jones continued. “You look at some quarterbacks that are built with it and have done good with it. The quarterback in Seattle [Russell Wilson] is the best I’ve ever seen at sustaining success with his mobility. But he sure is good at it, and he sure has gotten, if you notice him, boy, he just does not get hit with a lot of impact. And, so, Dak can do that. Dak will do that, and he can evolve to where he just will take less and less hits. And he has to or else we won’t have him to play.”

  • Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones confirmed the biggest hurdle in signing Prescott to an extension has been the length of the deal: “Our issues in our negotiations with Dak have been that we’re wanting to be more committed, in terms of the (number of years). We’re not nervous to sign Dak. His makeup is all the right things. He’s a great leader. He’s a great player.” (Jon Machota)


  • ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and Dan Graziano note a number of people around the league believe the Super Bowl win in 2017 should buy Eagles HC Doug Pederson one bad season. 
  • However, they say may still have has to take the fall for 2020 and what’s transpired with QB Carson Wentz, so there’s a number of factors that point to Pederson. 


  • ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and Dan Graziano say the Giants come up in discussions with people in the league as a team that could have a general manager vacancy this offseason. Giants GM Dave Gettleman has come under fire for the team’s losing record in recent seasons. 
  • While the Giants’ recent win streak has helped Gettleman, there’s a sense in the league that Giants HC Joe Judge will want more say in personnel, which make Patriots executives Dave Ziegler and Monti Ossenfort names worth watching. 
  •’s Zack Rosenblatt writes the Giants didn’t offer enough money on a long-term deal for DL Leonard Williams this offseason. However, there’s a belief Williams would like to re-sign with the team in 2021. 
  • Giants DC Patrick Graham‘s name has come up as someone who could get head coaching interviews this offseason but he demurred comment: “I’m not smart enough to think ahead of today. I’ve got to get ready for third down against Arizona.” (Art Stapleton)
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