NFC Notes: Eagles, Falcons, Giants



Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie mentioned that he doesn’t regret hiring Chip Kelly as the team’s head coach, but his biggest mistake was turning over control of the team’s roster to Kelly. 

“I don’t regret the hiring of him because it was done with a really good thought process,” Lurie told Sheil Kapadia of The Athletic. “But, yes, I would say I regret giving him the kind of authority I gave him, yeah. That’s an easy one.”


Falcons’ second-year WR Calvin Ridley feels he is “playing faster” than he did during his rookie season.  

I thought I played fast last year but I’m definitely playing faster,” Ridley said, via Kelsey Conway of the team’s official site. “I see it better, I understand exactly what the coaches want, what Matt wants, so I feel a lot better.

Falcons WRs coach Raheem Morris said Ridley wants to be “consistent all the way” throughout the season and has “no doubt” that he will continue being successful in the NFL. 

I think when Calvin is saying he didn’t have the season he wanted as a rookie player, I think he’s talking about being consistent all the way throughout,” Morris said. “Not having the player of the month, but the player of the year kind of a status. He’s searching for greatness and I’m going to help him get there. He puts in all of the effort; he gives you all the work and there’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to be successful.”


Giants RB Saquon Barkley said first-round QB Daniel Jones played well in Friday’s practice and believes he will be successful in the NFL. 

Daniel Jones had himself a day yesterday in practice,” said Barkley, per Matt Lombardo. “Everyone thinks he’s a terrible pick, but wait until he wins two Super Bowls and see what they’re saying then.”

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