NFC Notes: Reuben Foster, 49ers, Giants


Reuben Foster

49ers GM John Lynch addressed the decision to cut LB Reuben Foster on Sunday following his recent arrest for a domestic violence incident that occurred in Tampa Bay Saturday night.

“It’s extremely disappointing for me, for Kyle, for ownership, for everybody in here,” Lynch said, via Pro Football Talk. “We care a lot about Reuben and I can tell you it’s a situation where we laid out some very specific ground rules for Reuben, as we do for all our players.”

Lynch didn’t want to speculate about the incident, but said the decision to move on from Foster comes down to him “not living up to what we have communicated, and to the energy and the time we’ve invested in him.”

What transpired yesterday — this isn’t a comment on what happened there because that would be mere speculation on our part — it’s more of a comment on him not living up to what we have communicated, and to the energy and the time we’ve invested in him,” Lynch said.

“Kyle and I talked last night, brought it to ownership, we were all lockstep in the decision. It was not easy on anybody,” Lynch said.

49ers HC Kyle Shanahan said after Sunday’s game that they care about Foster, but hopefully releasing him will help him turn things around.

“I care about Reuben,” Shanahan said, via “I don’t think it’s just black and white [on] all of this. And neither was last time [he was arrested]. I believed him a lot on last time. If that was true [the accusations initially made against him last time], then it would be easy and he wouldn’t have been on our team. The courts took care of that, but there was also a lot of other things that he had made bad mistakes on, bad decisions and things that we needed him to follow by. And he struggled with that. And we helped him a lot with it.

“He’s gotten better in that way, but it’s been too much. We care about Reuben, but no one is more important than this team. The No. 1 rule is you got to protect the team and he’s put us in a bad light too much. Hopefully this will fix him and he’ll be a success somewhere else.


49ers GM John Lynch mentioned in an interview with 95.7 The Game that their offer to the Raiders for Khalil Mack was better than what Oakland ultimately got from Chicago.

“I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but we tried like heck to acquire Khalil Mack,” Lynch said, via “But it didn’t work out. But, you try by any means necessary to get it but it’s not easy. Guys that are free, they never become free because they’re so coveted in this league. They’re franchised typically or they work out a new deal.”


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John Storch
1 year ago

Read ESPN’s Jan. 27, 2018 article titled, “How and why Pat Shurmur became the NY Giants head coach.” John Mara was smitten with Shurmur, because Shurmur said to Mara “YOU’VE GOT TO BE ABLE TO BLOCK’EM.” Really!!!!!! Gettleman wrote atop his note pad the word “ADULT”. Original!!!!! Considering Shurmur looks like a lost child on the sidelines during games. Shurmur talks about the UPTEMPO style he learned under then Philly coach Chip Kelly. UPTEMPO???!!! Really!!!!! The GMEN are a RUN-FIRST team. That was the reasoning behind the Saquon Barkley draft pick. Run-first is NOT uptempo. The Chiefs and Rams are… Read more »

John Storch
1 year ago

My reply has nothing to do with Henderson’s injury. It is solely based on the events of Sunday’s GMEN loss to Philly and the season as a whole. First of all Shurmur needs to be FIRED at season’s end. Shurmur is no “QB whisperer” or game manager. PERIOD! Shurmur is from Andy Reid’s coaching stable and I for one don’t see any connection to Reid in Shurmur’s play calling and in game management. And it has been that way all year, not just in yesterday’s joke of a loss. Give Andy Reid, Matt Nagy or Doug Pederson this offense and… Read more »