NFC West Notes: 49ers, Cardinals, Rams



Regarding the 49ers’ incorporating the Wide 9 into their scheme, 49ers DC Robert Saleh said the defense may “look different” but hasn’t changed “philosophically”. 

We might look different, but philosophically, the overall foundation of the defense hasn’t changed,” said Saleh, via ProFootballTalk

Saleh praised 49ers DL coach Kris Kocurek and confirmed there is not “a lot that changes” to their scheme. 

With the way Kocurek is teaching, I just like the decisiveness, the lack of gray area, the conviction and the tenacity at which they play,” Saleh added. “There’s not a lot that changes. I know there’s an image and a picture that people are trying to paint, but it all comes down to conviction and teaching and what he’s trying to get done as an individual coach and individual players. The common denominator to all [systems] is that they have such great conviction in the way they teach that it works. With Kocurek and what he’s bringing, the conviction and the ability to coach through everything that he knows with teaching that style, that’s what’s going to be most visual to the fans.


Cardinals LB Haason Reddick, who played outside linebacker last season, said he’s looking forward to moving back to inside linebacker in their 3-4 base defense. 

I wasn’t worried about the adjustment. It’s just a game,” Reddick said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “There’s always going to be changes. At the end of the day, I’m doing what I love and it’s fun.”

Cardinals DC Vance Joseph mentioned that Reddick has been “very impressive” at inside linebacker and believes “better years are ahead of him”.

Haason has been very impressive as far as knowing what to do,” Joseph said. “He’s obviously a physical freak as far as movement and running and hitting and those things. … I’m excited to watch him play. His better years are ahead of him and you can see it happening right now.”


Jay Glazer of The Athletic writes that Rams RB Todd Gurley‘s knee “is a concern,” but they are not overly worried about it at this point in time and plan to monitor his usage this season.  

You’re reading it right. It is a concern,” Glazer writes. “The sky isn’t falling but even now, they’re being smart about it. It did swell up on him last year, this is a knee that has had wear and tear. Eventually, you’re going to factor this in especially with them having to sit him down the stretch last year. It’s not all doom and gloom, but it is definitely something you have to monitor and be prepared for in case that thing blows up on him again. We already learned that lesson last year. That’s why he isn’t doing any on-field work yet.”

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