NFL Notes: Marcus Peters, Chiefs, Colts


Marcus Peters

New Rams CB Marcus Peters was on NFL Network’s “Total Access” last night to discuss all that has transpired with the Chiefs over the past few weeks.

Regarding the trade to the Rams, Peters said it’s just business and he appreciates the Chiefs for what they did for him.

“It’s business. It’s business. And all I can do is just go handle mine,” Peters said, per Ian Rapoport. “I thank the Kansas City Chiefs for everything they did for me to start it off. Now I’m going to L.A. I’m going to miss playing with my teammates for sure. That’s the biggest thing about this game that you can’t change nothing about the business. Because once you get in that locker room, that’s family. And I miss those guys, man. I miss Eric, I miss Justin, I miss coach Reid.”

Interestingly enough, Peters says he didn’t agree with the Chiefs’ decision to trade QB Alex Smith to the Redskins.

No. Man, Alex, Alex don’t get enough respect. And they need to start putting some respect on that man’s name,” Peters said. “Because I’ve seen that man get thrown in with not the best team at times and he took it as a man. And he never complained about it. He don’t turn over the ball. And he know how to win. That was our fault for messing up the playoffs. That was our fault.


  • Peter King reports that the Chiefs called all 31 teams this month about a possible trade for CB Marcus Peters and 28 of them were not interested or did not make an offer of any value.
  • According to King, one team offered the Chiefs just a mid-round pick for him and King guesses that this was either the Browns or the Colts.
  • In the end, it came down the 49ers and Rams with Los Angeles coming out on top with their offer of second- and fourth-round picks.
  • Even though Colts GM Chris Ballard was in Kansas City when they drafted Peters, a source tells King that he didn’t engage the Chiefs seriously about a trade.
  • King explains that the Chiefs saw they could handle things without Peters after they held the Raiders to 104 total yards and no points through 48 minutes of the game. Beyond that, the Chiefs decided they couldn’t trust his behavior anymore.


  • Alex Marvez reports that the Colts are hiring Tom Rathman as their running backs coach.
  • According to Marvez, the Colts have also hired Kevin Patullo as their wide receivers coach.