NFL Notes: NFLPA, Cardinals, Panthers



NFLPA director Demaurice Smith told reporters on Thursday that they aren’t interested in extending the current collective bargaining agreement.

Although, Smith did say that the union and NFL owners could discuss changes before the agreement is up.

“Might we have discussions earlier so there would be a new one? Perhaps,” Smith said, per Ian Rapoport.

  • When asked if he had any hopes for a smooth agreement ahead of the 2021 expiration date, Smith said: “No. We prepare for war.”
  • NFLPA president Eric Winston added: “We are preparing for a long arduous process.
  • Winston said they remain strongly opposed to an 18-game season. (Mark Maske)
  • Regarding the concussion protocol, Winston said: “I’m never going to be happy with the concussion protocol, there will always be progress to be made. I think that’s important. I think that is valuable.


Cardinals Pro Bowl CB Patrick Peterson is the latest to make the case for Kirk Cousins to sign with their team.

“We’ve got everything he would need for a quarterback to be successful,” Peterson said Thursday, via “We’ve got a pretty solid defense, talent all across the board on offense, nice running game that can complement him. He’s a damn good quarterback, he just needs pieces to help him be successful.

“He can make every throw that you need a quarterback to make,” Peterson added.


Panthers interim GM Marty Hurney outlined the approach he would take regarding the team’s roster this offseason if he ends up being fired as their full-time GM.

We certainly have needs,” Hurney said, via “I think when you’re on a team with a quarterback like Cam Newton – and we have some veteran players – we have a foundation here. So now we have to find the complimentary guys around that.

“We’ve talked about addressing the skills positions on both sides of the ball with more speed and more athleticism. We want to keep the offensive and defensive lines very strong and deep like they have been here in recent years. I think that’s been a big advantage and we need to continue to do that. There are several positions of need in our mind that we’ll try to address in free agency, in the draft or trade or cuts or whatever avenues we can pursue.

Hurney stressed the importance of being patient and thorough throughout the offseason to ensure they’re making the best moves they can to build out the roster.

When it comes to personnel decisions, you really do have to be patient, not rush, not overreact and have options,” Hurney said. “That probably is the biggest difference in my thinking right now, knowing that there is a solution out there. And if we’re just thorough – which we are in our evaluation process – we’re going to get to the right place.

“‘Be patient’ is a phase that I keep telling myself. You have to have other options, and Plan B and Plan C aren’t always bad for you.”