NFL Projecting 2018 Salary Cap To Be $174.2M – $178.1M


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media is reporting that the NFL distributed 2018 salary cap projections to teams during the financial portion of the league meetings of $174.2 – $178.1 million.

In 2017, the salary cap was set at $167 million per team, which means we could be looking at between a 6-7 percent cap increase from last year.

Rapoport adds that the final 2018 salary number will come next spring.

Typically, the first figures floated towards the end of the season prove to be low estimates and later climb higher as we draw closer to the start of free agency.

The salary cap has been on the rise for the past few seasons after remaining flat for the first few years of the current collective bargaining agreement.

NFL teams are required to spend 89 percent of their cap and cash spending has to 95 percent of the salary cap limit over a period of four years or the difference will go to the union who distributes the money between the players.

We’ll have more regarding the 2018 salary cap as the news is available.

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