Pierre Garcon Hoping To Follow Manning Too?


Peter King of SI.com reports that a number NFL Gm’s told him that the one of the reasons that Colts WR Pierre Garcon chose to pass on the team’s recent five-year, $35 million offer was because he wants to see where Peyton Manning will be playing next season before deciding on his own future.

We posted an article earlier in the day that mentioned that Manning would like have Reggie Wayne included in a package deal that would allow the two of them to pick up where they left off in 2010. Garcon could be looking to be included in that as well.

King tosses out a hypothetical situation that has the Redskins signing Manning, Wayne and Garcon and telling them to run their offense with a “Super Bowl level” defense behind them.

It’s an interesting idea, but I’d put more stock in the reports suggesting that the Redskins are ready to move up for Robert Griffin III.


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