Redskins Prepared To Trade Up For RGIII


Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that the Washington Redskins are prepared to make the move up for Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

Jones mentions that the Washington will offer the Rams two first-round picks (#6 this year and their 2013 pick) along with picks in the “upper to mid-round range.”

Griffin did more than enough to sell NFL teams on being worthy of the Rams’ asking price. Reports from yesterday mentioned that the Rams are set on trading out of the #2 spot and those around the league believe that only Browns and the Redskins have enough assets to make such a move.

Jones, interestingly enough, mentions that the Redskins have Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill as their contingency plan if they’re unable to get a deal done with the Rams.

Some reports have mentioned that the Rams will wait until just before the draft to pull the trigger on a deal. It was believed that Peyton Manning was going to be the domino that ultimately would decide how the offseason plays out but it may now be the Rams who dictate who the offseason rounds out.

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