Tom Brady Would “Like To Play For A Long Time”


Tom Brady isn’t getting any younger. The Patriots quarterback turned 35 on Friday making him old by NFL standards. Now Brady is at the age were reporters will typically ask how much longer does he want to play. Brady, however, doesn’t have plans of retiring anytime soon.

“After practice Sunday, Brady wouldn’t put a number on how many more years he would like to play, just reiterating that he would “like to play for a long time,” via the Associated Press“I’m a long ways from 42. Hopefully, I’m still talking to you guys when I’m 42.”

In his past few seasons, Brady hasn’t showed any signs of aging. He has been one of NFL’s most consistent passers. Brady had a stellar 2011 season and there is no reason to think he can’t perform to those likes or go above and beyond them this season.

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