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Bears Reportedly Looking To Make More Trades

Dianna Marie Russini of ESPN reports that the Bears are looking to unload other players, who don’t fit their scheme that are holdovers from the previous regime.

Russini doesn’t mention any specific names, but it’s really not a big surprise to hear that they’re looking to continue their rebuilding efforts.

Interestingly enough, Jeff Dickerson of ESPN writes that Chicago should being to listen to trade offers for other notable players like RB Matt Forte and WR Alshon Jeffery, now that the Bears traded away DE Jared Allen.

Both players are scheduled to be free agents after the season, and it’s clear that the Bears won’t be playing for a Super Bowl in 2015.

It might sound somewhat surprising to see someone suggest moving on from a 25-year-old receiver entering his prime. However, Dickerson mentions that there’s no guarantee that Jeffery wants to re-sign with them next year, and overpaying him could actually impact their rebuilding plan in some ways.

The Bears did protect themselves to some degree by using their first-round pick on WR Kevin White and their fourth-round selection on Jeremy Langford.

Dickerson wouldn’t stop there either. If it were up to him, he’d be making calls to teams to see if they would be interested in parting with value for QB Jay Cutler and/or TE Martellus Bennett.

Chicago has over a month before this year’s trade deadline to get some deals finalized that will help them moving forward.

We’ll have more regarding trades involving the Bears as the news is available.

  • MrBearsox02 .

    Dickerson’s an idiot ! You can shop Jeffery ok for 2 reasons . 1st we just drafted White and still have Royal . Reason #2 is the draft tends to give up WR prospects fairly easily these days at a much cheaper cost ! Shop Forte ok too as Langford was pre-determind by team to be next up ! But Bennett ? No way ! He is top 3-5 TE in league ! AND has 2 years left ! Well ok 1 and 3/4 but still work a deal or use tags when time comes ! Now as for Cutler I do not care how you slice it he IS far better than what you got and proven he can run the system thus far ! Look around the landscape and tell me he is not in atleast the middle of the pack THIS YEAR QB wise ! He is still under contract and you can always release him later IF you draft a gem but keep him until you have a superior option to go with and not a wish and a prayer as Dickerson’s plan is !

    • Scott

      Agree, don’t touch Bennett he played well last season even after other players gave up! Trade: Cutler, Maybe Jeffery and Forte…

      • MrBearsox02 .

        I really see Jeffery as a soft player ! He cannot or will not push himself to the next level on his own . Top it off with his penchant for being a China doll to a degree and I believe we can do better . So a trade if we can get it but if not decent … low offer or transition tag so force another team into some form of pick for him in return !

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