Blaine Gabbert “Clearly A Better Passer” Than Chad Henne During Early Workouts

Pat Kirwan tweeted yesterday that he spoke with Jacksonville Jaguars analyst Jeff Lageman who mentioned that Blaine Gabbert is “clearly a better passer” than Chad Henne after the team’s early workouts.

The Jaguars brought in Henne to be Gabberts’ backup, so it’s really not surprising to hear some positive comments about his ability at this point in time. The real test will be whether or not Gabbert reverts back to being shaky quarterback that hears foot steps when they begin contract drills in the coming weeks. Jacksonville will remain patient with Gabbert for time being, but another awful season, on top of further regression could force Henne into the starting role at some point during the season.

pixy Blaine Gabbert "Clearly A Better Passer" Than Chad Henne During Early Workouts

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