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Jerry Jones “Indicates” Cowboys Have Exchanged Numbers With WR Dez Bryant

David Moore of the Dallas Morning News writes that Cowboys owner Jerry Jonesindicates that the Cowboys have exchanged numbers” with WR Dez Bryant and his representatives regarding a new contract.

It’s worth mentioning that Jones didn’t specifically state contract talks are ongoing with Bryant. Moore mentions that Jones stopped short of “confirming whether it’s with Bryant or Tyron Smith” that they are talking to.

Either way, both players are in line for large contract extensions that the team will need to prepare for as their current financial situation is less than ideal.

Bryant, 25, is entering the final year of a five-year $11.8 million deal, with a base salary of $1.78 million in the 2014 season.

Dallas continues its uphill battle to improve the roster, as they have been limited financially. With Bryant and LT Tyron Smith both potentially entering a contract year, the team has some big decisions to make.

Jones did make one issue clear, stating that the back issues that have plagued Bryant have “no impact on what we do in the future and how we are counting on him.

Bryant finished last season with 93 catches for 1,233 yards with 13 touchdowns.

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