Jerry Jones Reportedly Losing Credibility & Influence In NFL

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, numerous league and ownership sources have said that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is losing credibility and influence with the other NFL owners due to his recent outbursts in public and in private over commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jones threatened to sue the Compensation Committee over Goodell’s contract last week, which was considered a foregone conclusion in league circles for months until Jones began leading a crusade against it.

La Canfora says that Jones’ actions have ultimately angered fellow owners and increasingly isolated Jones.

Interestingly enough, a source tells La Canfora that Jones “at best” three other owners in his corner right now who agree that Goodell should be replaced. However, this is far from the 24 votes it would take to derail Goodell’s extension.

La Canfora points out that the NFL instituted safeguards after late Raiders owner Al Davis had numerous legal battles with the league. Because of this, Jones’ threats to sue the NFL are considered “an empty threat.

This is way over the top,” one league source tells La Canfora. “You don’t threaten to sue your business partners because you are pissed off that your running back got suspended. That’s not how business is conducted in the league. Jerry already had only a handful of guys backing him on this (calling for Goodell’s job), and he is isolating himself more and more by doing things this way. This isn’t how you try to get your way in the NFL. It’s not going to work.”

An ownership added that Jones was onboard with Goodell’s extension until RB Ezekiel Elliott was suspended six games: “Jerry was fully on board with this right up until the suspension came down. That isn’t lost on us.

La Canfora also reports that Goodell is being urged by many close to him to sign the contract extension and put this matter behind him (NFLTR).

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