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NFL Notes: Bears, Buccaneers, Panthers, Ravens


  • Veteran OLB Lance Briggs acknowledged that this is probably his last year as a Chicago Bear.

“I understand this is probably my last year as a Chicago Bear, and this could be the last time I play the Packers,” said Briggs.

“It’s the last year of my deal,” Briggs said. “It’s not like I’m magically going to show up after this year and they’re going to open the gates up for me. I’ve talked to my buddy, [former Bears defensive end] Alex Brown. Those gates are closed when you’re a free agent.


  • HC Lovie Smith mentioned that he still views Mike Glennon as their “quarterback of the future,” despite benching him in favor of Josh McCown this week.

There are a lot of good players, but it’s what’s best for us. Just talking about our quarterback position: our quarterback position is as strong as, to me, any quarterback position I’ve had when I’ve been a head coach,” Smith said, via Pro Football Talk. “You know how much I like Josh McCown as our starter here, but I love Mike Glennon. Mike Glennon is our quarterback of the future here. Why would we want to add a third quarterback to the mix? We needed other positions and forget just a quarterback position – yeah, we like it, but we thought this was the best available player for us. It was an easy decision for us.



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