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NFL Notes: Chargers, Jets, Lions, Texans


Eric D. Williams of ESPN writes that new Chargers’ defensive coordinator Gus Bradley’s system has typically utilized long, lanky cornerback who can press and disrupt routes at the line of scrimmage.

However, the Chargers top-two cornerbacks — Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward — are both under six feet tall.

Even so, Bradley doesn’t seem too concerned about their height impacting their ability to perform in his system.

“We can put them in position to utilize their skill set,” Bradley said. “Obviously there’s times where you would like to play press, and they’re very effective at doing it. But as it’s evolved, there’s time where they’re playing off more in our style of defense.

“If you look back at some of our plays, you can see other people playing somewhat of our similar system. It’s not just a guy that can play press. You need him to have short-area quickness. He needs to be able to play from off because of some of the things we’re doing now.

“So I just have really been impressed by their overall skill set. They can press. They can play off and their transitions are really good. They’ve got really good ball skills. So you look at that and you go, ‘wow.’ Both of them are extremely talented. I’m not concerned about that at all as we watch them, like ‘Hey Gus, they’re not 6-3 and 200 pounds?’ That’s OK.

  • Williams believes the Chargers should go with Clemson WR Mike Williams over Western Michigan WR Corey Davis if they’re both available to L.A. at No. 7 overall.



Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press writes that the most important offseason move for the Lions is signing QB Matthew Stafford to a long-term extension.

ESPN analyst and former Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik agrees and explains that the Lions should be able to structure a new deal for Stafford so that it doesn’t hamstring the franchise’s future.

“I think you can keep his Paragraph 5 (base salary) high and fully guarantee some and try to keep his signing bonus as minimal as you can, but realize that, look, we know who this quarterback is,” Dominik said. “I don’t mind guaranteeing salaries a couple years out and then obviously put triggers in there that you don’t have to fund it ahead of time. But you can still keep his Paragraph 5s really high, still give him a significant signing bonus but not be in a spot where if something dreadful happened to Stafford that you’re not just tied and stuck in that situation because of where he is contractually.

“So I think there’s absolutely a common ground, but it can be (reached in) September right before the season starts.”


  • Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle could only see the Texans pursuing Tony Romo if he’s released by the Cowboys and is willing to take a “major” pay cut to play for Houston.
  • Smith has a hard time seeing the Texans trade for Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo due to what it would cost to acquire him in a trade and the fact that he has very limited experience as a starter.

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