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NFL Notes: Jay Cutler, Byron Maxwell, Jaguars, & Jets

Jay Cutler

Michael C. Wright of ESPN has spoken to “at least” 10 former Bears staffers from the Lovie Smith and Marc Trestman regimes who said they believe Chicago can’t consistently compete for championships as long as Jay Cutler is their starting quarterback.

Two of Cutler’s teammates said that Cutler is a “divisive figure with whom they’d rather not continue to play.

According to Wright, every one of the former staffers he interviewed pointed out similar flaws in the Cutler and used words like “renegade” and “rogue” to describe his ability to play within the confines of an offensive system.

One former staffer did say that he could see the Bears winning as long as the coaches “handcuff” Cutler to their offensive system.

Byron Maxwell

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Seahawks CB Byron Maxwell is changing agents just before the start of free agency, which is a very unusual move for a player to make.

Two general managers told Schefter that they didn’t understand why a player would make a move like that right now. Maxwell’s former agent, Jason Chayut, spent the past year, and the week at the combine in Indianapolis, gauging his value and trying to figure out the best place for him to be.

Why would you do that?” asked one NFL general manager. “It makes navigating the free-agent market confusing.

Maxwell can’t officially hire a new agent until this weekend.



  • Ed Werder reports that while the Jets have been trying to lower Percy Harvin‘s salary, both sides admit that it’s unlikely that they’ve reach an agreement.
  • Werder adds that the two parties would like to have a resolution before March 19.
  • Zach Howerton

    I think Cutlers days as a Bear are numbered. A good landing place for him might be Minnesota? They just traded away a veteran QB and are left with an inexperienced Bridgewater. He could help the Vikes win a few games, and if their GM can pick up some solid defensive in the draft, they could compete with anybody in their division (even the Packers).

  • william

    I have to agree you are right on about Cutler you are only as good as the players around you play calling must be right. Offensive line must give him time blocking could be a good start players must catch the ball. And defense they made rookies running backs the good .And coaches really where do you start. If they let cutler go theirs is teams out their that will take him and make him a starter

    O yes rank 30 over all in def. that’s is jays fault. I see it!

    • PaulH99

      What did you say?????? Is English your second language?

  • Amjean

    Re – Chicago Bears and Mr. Wright’s anonymous source story
    Sounds like sour grapes from coaches who got fired and a couple of teammates
    who aren’t any good at their jobs. If they dropped passes, it had to be Cutler’s
    fault, right? If the offensive line couldn’t block, it had to be Cutler’s fault, right?
    If there was a bad call on offense, it was always Cutler’s fault, right? If the
    defense didn’t show up, it must have been Cutler’s fault, right?
    I think Mike Wright, Jon Grudin, The Score and ESPN hosts in Chicago
    are piling on Cutler. Cutler has issues, no doubt, however, to entirely
    blame the debacle of season 2013 on one person is moronic.

    How about an article from players and coaches who support Cutler. Bobby
    Gould gave Chicago Sports Radio a “stun” when he came out with a diatribe
    in support. Same with a Denver reporter who pretty much said that the
    Chicago sports media was the toughest (read: meanest) in the country.
    I hope Jay Cutler gets traded and does well elsewhere. The Chicago Bears
    have released many players who have done well elsewhere.
    Everyone seems to forget that the Bears never really had a good quarterback.
    All of a sudden they are experts on what a good one looks like.
    At any rate, most of this nonsense is jealousy that Cutler is not as good as
    Manning or Brady, so he doesn’t deserve the huge increase in salary he received.
    He may or may not deserve it, however, he was offered it. Would you have
    turned it down, telling the Bears, “I am not as good as the elite quarterbacks,
    so I don’t deserve it…please offer me less.”
    From what I have read and heard from sports reporters around Chicago and
    elsewhere, most of you do not deserve your salaries either. You over rate

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Wait, We don’t deserve our salaries cause we posted some notes from extensive Michael C. Wright article? I’m not sure what exactly we did other than rely some information, but okay.

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