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NFL Rumors: More Issues Regarding A Kevin Kolb Trade?

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated writes that it may not be the draft pick compensation that holds up a trade for Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb once a new CBA is in place. Instead it’s the contract that Kolb will require once he is brought in.

“Keep hearing that teams interested in Kolb are not scared of draft choice compensation,” Trotter writes. “They’re scared of the contract Kolb wants.”

This is a great point that I’m sure several teams have already considered. If teams are ok with sending a package of draft picks in return for Kolb, signing him to a large contract on top of that makes the whole idea seem like a huge investment. While Kolb would be a great option for nearly all of the teams that are in need of a quarterback, he’s no sure-thing.

Pro Football Talks Gregg Rosenthal mentions that Matt Schaub’s six-year, $48 million contract is a likely starting point for negotiations which averages out to $8 million per season. Most deals like this include more money in the first to years so that they can limit their financial risk in the future years of the contract.

When you consider the whole investment, it’s rather high price to pay for a player who has only played a good portion in less than ten NFL games. Kolb is experienced but not enough to make him worth the complete investment which makes it seem as though teams would rather draft a quarterback rather than make that kind of a commitment to Kolb.

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