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NFL Rumors: Vikings Sold On Jake Locker?

ESPN 1500’s Tom Pelissero mentions that he believes the Minnesota Vikings will be taking Jake Locker at No. 12 overall in the coming draft after doing  a “lot of digging” on the subject.

“He doesn’t have Brett’s arm talent,” said an executive for an NFC team. “But of this group of quarterbacks, if we were going to a park and go play, you’d pick Brett Favre and you’d probably pick this guy (Locker). He’s such a tough-ass football player.”

This is an idea that has surfaced multiple times in the past few months but it’s been hard to gauge the Vikings interest in Locker because a number of reports have suggested that the team may be looking to go with a veteran quarterback like Donovan McNabb.

“His motion was off,” the NFC executive said. “His release point was all over the place. So, guess what? Now, it’s pretty good. He worked on it, fixed it in the offseason.”

Jake Locker’s draft stock has fluctuated a good amount from the time leading up to the NFL Combine and even in recent weeks, mainly due to concerns about his accuracy. The NFC executive could be right that his motion was off but the question is whether or not he’s worth taking a chance on at No. 12. The Vikings should have a shot at landing a solid defensive or offensive lineman at that spot which would be seen as a safer pick but Leslie Frazier has already said that he’s willing to go with a rookie quarterback under center so we’ll have to see how this one plays out.

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