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Norv Turner Sees Robert Meachem As A 1000-Yard WR

The San Diego Chargers decided to replace Vincent Jackson with former New Orleans Saints WR Robert Meachem. While it may seem like a step down in overall talent and ability, Chargers head coach Norv Turner believes Meachem can catch around 60-70 passes for 1000 yards.

Look at the history of the offense, the things we’ve done,” Turner said, via the National Football Post. “Meachem is capable of giving us that stat production if he can play a complete season.”

Back to the drop off from losing Jackson for a second. Despite playing in less 220 less snaps that Jackson did last season, Meachem was rated high one spot higher than Jackson by Pro Football Focus. I’ll admit that this has more to do with Meachem’s blocking ability, than his overall production. With that being said, Jackson is overrated as a complete receiver. He’s unbelievable when running a deep route, but is exactly the best go-to receiver. Norv seems to think that Meachem will be able to fill Jackson’s previous role in the team’s offense.

He has been in an offense where he’s one of five guys, and they spread the ball out,” Turner said. “He hasn’t been the focal point. I think we try to be balanced, but he will get opportunities to be a big play receiver up the field.

pixy Norv Turner Sees Robert Meachem As A 1000-Yard WR

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