Vikings Had “Offers On The Table” For The No. 3 Overall Pick

According to Vikings GM Rick Spielman, the Browns were not the only team interested in the No. 3 pick.

We did have offers on the table, I can tell you that,” Spielman said, via the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I’m not going to tell you who or what. But I will say Cleveland did the right thing.”

The fact that the Vikings were able to sell the Browns on this, is a testament Spielman’s salesmanship, but there’s still a chance that others were willing to make the move up for Richardson.

Recent reports have mentioned that the Buccaneers were not as interested in moving up for a running back as it seemed. Either way, the Browns got a very solid running back prospect for what will most likely be his most productive year’s in the NFL. Cleveland has several picks at their disposal, so giving up a few of them to prevent further embarrassment regarding trades for draft picks, was probably the right move.

pixy Vikings Had "Offers On The Table" For The No. 3 Overall Pick

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