Vikings Willing To Trade Down From #3?


The Minnesota Vikings are sitting with #3 overall pick in this years draft which is usually a great spot to be in. But considering the number of roster holes that they have, just taking the best player available may not be the best way to address them.

Right now that Vikings could take an OT like Matt Kalil, a CB such as Morris Claiborne or possibly even a WR like Justin Blackmon. You really could make the case for anyone of them but trading down in the draft could give them a shot at filling two positions rather just one.

It will be, I think, very busy on draft day,” says Vikings GM Rick Spielman, per “We’re the third overall pick, so we’ll be looking at all the options. If someone wants to come up and get our pick, we’re going to be more than willing to listen.”

There’s been a lot of talk about teams possibly trading up to #2 for Baylor QB Robert Griffin III but there’s always a chance that won’t happen. If so, the Vikings would could field offers for the #3 pick which may not be as costly as moving up the extra spot. Either way, there expects to be a lot of action towards the top of the draft which could ultimately benefit a team like the Vikings.


pixy Vikings Willing To Trade Down From #3?

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