2014 NFL Mock Draft

Here’s the First Round of our 2014 NFL Mock Draft.

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2014 NFL Mock Draft








 Jadeveon Clowney  


 South Carolina 



 Greg Robinson



Via (WAS)



 Khalil Mack 





 Mike Evans  


 Texas A&M 



 Sammy Watkins  



Via (OAK)



 Jake Matthews  


 Texas A&M



 Johnny Manziel


 Texas A&M



 Justin Gilbert     


 Oklahoma State



 Taylor Lewan 





 Aaron Donald  



Via (DET)



 Darqueze Dennard 


 Michigan State 



 Zack Martin


 Notre Dame 



 Odell Beckham Jr.  



Via (STL)



 Calvin Pryor





 Kyle Fuller  


 Virginia Tech 



 Anthony Barr  





 Eric Ebron 


 North Carolina



 Hasean Clinton-Dix



Via (NYJ)



 Brandin Cooks  


 Oregon State

Via (MIA)



 Blake Bortles  





 Ryan Shazier


 Ohio State



 Marqise Lee  





 Teddy Bridgewater 



Via (KC)



 Kony Ealy  





 Jason Verrett 





 David Carr


 Fresno State

Via (IND)



 Dee Ford





 Joel Bitonio





 Stephon Tuitt 


 Notre Dame 



 Morgan Moses 



Via (SF)



 C.J. Mosley





 Stanley Jean-Baptiste



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  1. Fisher has never taken an offensive lineman in the 1st round and I think that continues this year. I believe they’re deciding between Sammy Watkins and Khalil Mack.

    Also, they haven’t even met with Clinton-Dix yet, so I don’t think they’ll go that route in the 1st.

  2. My mock.
    1. Texans. Bortles. Qb
    2. Rams. Robinson. Ot
    3. Jags. Clowney. De
    4. Cleveland. Sammy watkins. Wr.
    5. Oakland. Mack. Lb.
    6. Atlanta. Jake mattews ot
    7. Tampa. Barr. Olb.
    8. Vikings. Johnny football qb.

    Qbs are vital. Texans get one.
    Rams need oline and with a deep wr class can wait till 13 for one.
    Clowney would give the jags some serious teeth. And de is as big ahole as qb.
    Cleveland. They want carr. They love carr.they will take him later in the 1st and get the best wr of the class to pair up with gordon. Nice.
    Oakland. Need everthing. The best lb is a start
    Atlanta. Man they wanted mack. Settke for a great ot to protect ryan.
    Tampa. Lovie lives d and grroming ferious lbs. Barr is a sword ready to be sharpened.
    Vikings. Get johnny and laugh

  3. I wold love the Bears to draft Aaron Donald. In the second round, if possible, getting Kyle Van Noy or Kareem Martin would also give the Bears 2 impact players. Round 3, Unless Mettenberger slips down due to his injury, I would take him since I believe he truly has the best pro ready arm, otherwise Trent Murphy or Ryan Shazier, if available would also look good. 4th I like Craig Loston here. He’s a solid player, sure tackler, and a physical playmaker. He could drop because of the depth at the safety position, Ed Reynolds, Ego Ferguson or Will Clarke would also be nice options. 5th The Bears need depth at receiver and returner so if Donte Moncrief, John Brown or a TE like AC Leonard are around it would make sense for them. With 2 6th round picks I would add depth to the DB’s. Will Aikens, Bookie Snead, Dexter Moody, or one the Dixon’s..either way there is a lot of depth at this position and with the signings of old and new DB’s and Safeties, I believe the Bears will address this area late in the draft and UFA’s. Defense, like the offense always starts up front and with a stronger line who can bring pressure, like Donald, and stop the run, with Houston and Young. Adding more depth at DT and DE is also a necessity, as is the linebacker position. If either Briggs or Williams goes down the Bears would need a legitimate impact player. Van Noy is that guy as Bostic and Greene are still learning how to play with Kyle’s knowledge and versatility.

  4. Thanks Mcase7187, but if you look at the needs of these teams based on their front offices responding to their customer base, there would be no way that any of these top 10 teams can take a gamble on ” the best available player.” With the exception of Houston and Atlanta, there’s a reason why, in recent years these teams are picking in the top ten constantly. Why wouldn’t Houston take a quarterback? Knowing St. Louis GM, and the importance of getting Bradford weapon’s, S.Watkins would be the fit at two. Whomever Houston passes on, (Bridgewater, Bortles), will be ideal for Jacksonville at four. Cleveland, who has built a sustainable defense, and whos customer’s are screaming for some offensive pop, i.e, Kosar, would welcome Johnny “Football” to the city. Oakland, who as a history of taking OL will have plenty of interest in one of the top Tackles, which in my opinion is Matthews. Atlanta wouldn’t hesitate on making Clowney their top pick, even though they are moving to more of a 34 hybrid, he fits that scheme perfectly; the rest of the field will play out as planned. Give me your thoughts.

    • To be honest, the so called top QB’s like TB and JM, are not even the best QB’s. They really don’t have strong arms, especially Manziel. And if team are thinking he’s some kind of Tarkenton or Farve, they WILL be VERY disappointed. Bortles, Carr, Fales, Murray, Vaughan, McCarron, and my best QB, Mettenberger, can all pass from the pocket like a real NFL QB, something that JM struggles to do. He ONLY thrives on broken plays when he draws defenders and throws to stationary, wide open guys. And more often than most, he won’t throw to receivers downfield on crossing routes because he doesn’t have the arm or confidence to make a tough throw. This is why he didn’t throw at the combine or his pro day…enough excuses, this douche bag is the MOST overrated chump in college football.

  5. My Top 10
    1. Houston – Teddy Bridgewater
    2. St. Louis – Sammy Watkins
    3. Jacksonville – Blake Bortles
    4.Cleveland – Johnny Manzell
    5. Oakland – Jake Matthews
    6. Atlanta – Jadeveon Clowney
    7.Tampa – Kahlil Mack
    8.Minnesota – Greg Robinson
    9. Buffalo – Anthony Barr
    10. Detroit – Justin Gilbert
    OK fans, let me get some feedback!

  6. I personally like the K. Mack pick for Minnesota. However, there is just too much volatility in the top 7 picks (including potential trades) to really predict what will happen. The only thing I don’t think the Vikings will do at #8 is take a QB. The recent Cassel signing seems to support that logic.

  7. Note to all mock drafters: The Eagles will never draft a CB under 6 ft in the 1st 3 rounds. Chip has clearly said this over and over. He wants long players on the outside. /Rantover

    • I will make note of this. Verrett has really helped his draft stock, which is what we were trying to highlight here.

  8. Very good updates. Not sure if GB can get Van Noy in the second round though… Happy to see you took my comment(s) from a month or two ago into consideration with that… OR you didn’t, either way… I hope he falls that far! Fairly accurate mock, considering its 2 months before the draft… Well done.

    • I can’t remember where I was commenting, but I was getting some responses on the Van Noy discussion from you guys… I was thinking first round at that point… Tony Pauline is saying he should be there in the second round though

  9. Why would the raiders draft a WR if the free agent market will be stacked in receiving talent.hakeem nicks,kenny britt,Emanuel sanders,Jeremy maclin,Julian Edelman and eric decker would be perfect fits and with 70m to play with it wouldn’t be suprising if the raiders sign 2 WR.but drafting one would be a huge mistake knowing that their are huge holes along both sides of the trenches.how about kony ealy or stephon tuitt instead.

    • Investing market value contracts in receivers isn’t always the best use of cap space. Taking Watkins would give them an awesome WR prospect at a reasonable price. OAK could target better DL and OL options in free agency like Greg Hardy, re-sign Jared Veldheer and look for help elsewhere such as in the secondary. I like this pick personally.

    • Why do the raiders ever do what they do??? Nobody knows. But, to answer your question more specifically, the raiders may “want” those receivers, but do those receivers “want” the raiders…probably not. Assigning ANY player of value to the raiders in a mock draft is a gift and a compliment (albeit undeserved). Personally, I would just list Elmo and call it good enough.

  10. Like everything else for the Bears, it comes down to what Emery does in the UFA period with re-signs/cuts and signings. Gilbert would be nice but unless something shakes on the DL during UFA, got to go with Hageman or Donald. There is a lot of depth in this draft at DL and DB so would not surprise me either if Emery went offense in 1st round, if someone tantalizing dropped in his lap, like Sammy Watkins. Not saying will be there but someone always drifts down and 14 is a nice place to be.


    • I agree with you about DL. It could end up being better value by grabbing either Hageman or Donald like you said, and then address other needs in free agency.

      Although, the price for veteran DE has come down drastically are there will be plenty of options available. Could be some real steals this year.

  11. No way The texans take Bridgewater. He’s not O’Briens prototypical QB for starters, and have you seen McNair and what he has said about Clowney? Once in TEN YEAR type of player. Rumor is that Houston is in Trade talks with the Pats regarding the 6 foot 7 QB Ryan Mallett. At the end of the day Houston either trades down to 4 & 26, or takes Clowney overall #1. I have seen it on Mock drafts everywhere, where they take Bridgewater, and i told them the exact same thing i’m telling you, and then they change their minds real quick. Just watch.

      • I agree that Houston will not take Teddy Bridgewater. O’Brien’s prototypical is more similar to Bortles so they could Clowney number 1 or pit Cleveland and Jax against each other to move up if they tip their hands on wanting the same QBs.

        Houston could see Bortles slip into the second round when all is said and done and with OB’s ability to teach mechanics he may be able to draft him there and also trade a 4th rounder for Mallett if need be.

        I’m not so sure Matthews goes #2 to STL. They could also get into the trading down scenarios with Cleveland. I’m not sleeping on Sammy Watkins for STL either, despite the fact that the Rams have drafted 4 WRs over the last 2 seasons. You don’t get a chance at a Watkins every year.

        • Nah I don’t think bortles slips to the second. I think there’s a team somewhere in the first who is willing to take a chance on him. Maybe a Minnesota or something. But I see us either taking Murray in the second or third, trading for mallet, or signing Vick via free agency

    • Well you didn’t change my mind. You sound like a Texans fan with wishful thinking as opposed to a knowledgeable, unbias, person who knows what they’re talking about. They’re taking a QB. Bottom line. Their primary NEED is a QB. Maybe they trade back but they’re not taking Clowney. If there’s a trade at the top of the 1st, it will be Atlanta trading up to the 2 spot and St Louis stockpiling more picks with the RGIII picks they have (like they did last year) and Atlanta takes Clowney

      • Well as you are correct about myself being a texans fan you’re completely wrong in everything else. Obviously our number one priority is a qb, there’s not a first pick talent at the qb position this year in the draft dumbass. Do you even do research? Cuz if you did you would know what kinda qb O’Brien likes. NOBODY in the first round is his type.

  12. Kansas City Needs to upgrade their safety/cornerback position, demonstrated in the meltdown against the Colts, Denver 2x, and SanDiego 2x. They were overmatched when the slot receivers were free in the multiple sets these teams use and neutralized the pass rush with quick releases by Manning and others. On defense they could also upgrade DE. Offensively they need a wide receiver to compliment Dwayne Bowe. W/O a second round pic, the chiefs lack the draft choices to try to move up, may seek help in free agency.

  13. I see a lot of these mocks that have 4 QBs going in the top ten. When it’s all said and done I feel like Bridgewater and Manziel will be the only two that actually do. Bortles might slip in there based on work outs and combine making three but I don’t see four. Also, I bet Kony Ealy will be moving up the boards rather quickly.

    • We wanted to move Kony up, but the way things played out, we had to wait on him a bit. I was close to giving CIN David Carr, but changed my mind at the last minute.

      • Probably smart on the Carr idea. Cin isn’t as down on Dalton as the pundits are. As for Ealy, he is going to be an every down end, and a good one.

  14. Raiders don’t have the luxury of picking the best available player (sammyWatkins).they have to pick along the trenches on both sides of the ball.trading down and picking the best available pass rusher is going to be the most likely out come.

  15. If your drafting by what you think the teams need then it’s not bad. The Rams won’t take a tackle with the second pick and I’d rather see them grab Gilbert at #13 than Ha Ha.

    • Mac, I agree with what you’re saying here. Taking an OT makes sense based on position need, but it appears as though there are better options of them including trading the pick possibly taking Clowney.

      • Barksdale played really well at tackle and they have some money invested in Long so really all they need at tackle is depth which you don’t use at #2. I didn’t like the Clowney talk until I thought about the opportunity to move Chris Long inside on passing downs so now I’m OK if that happens. They have a bigger need at guard than tackle and your not taking a guard at #2 so Clowney or trading down seem like the most logical choices. I don’t see a safety grading out at the #13 spot, I’m not as high on Ha Ha as others, so I would like them to grab the top corner or Mike Evans there.

        • Long suffered a major knee injury and they are likely to lose Roger Saffold. Last year, KC and JAX both drafted OTs with the top-two picks and played them at RT while they had a LT in place.

          Rams GM Les Snead recently mentioned that he really likes their WRs and doesn’t envision them drafting a WR, even though I do like Mike Evans a lot.

          • The reports I’m seeing are saying Long should be fine by the start of the seaseon but I agree they need depth. Saffold was long gone before this season started and played at guard until Long got hurt. Saffold would be great at guard but someone will overpay him. I don’t dislike the idea of Matthews at #2 but Fisher doesn’t like using high picks on that position.

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