49ers A Possibility For DeSean Jackson?


One of the biggest storylines of this year’s offseason will be the Eagles decision regarding free agent WR DeSean Jackson. The 2011 season was rather tumultuous for both the Eagles and Jackson.  After an absurdly busy offseason by the team, the Eagles were viewed as a legitimate favorite to win the Super Bowl but that idea proved to be wrong early on in the season.

Jackson was coming off of a great season and appeared to have solidified himself as one of the game’s best offensive weapons. He’d been clamoring a new contract during the season but after not getting very far in negotiations, appeared to let it become a distraction that ultimately impacted his play.

The Eagles will now have to decide whether or not Jackson’s worth keeping. They could use their franchise tag on him but that will cost them $9.4 million next season. Renegotiating a new contract is still a possibility but there’s no guarantee that the team will be willing to invest a large sum of money in player that’s willing to quit on his team.

Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle considers the idea of the 49ers signing Jackson.

Jenkins mentions that it’s really no secret that the 49ers will need to upgrade the receiver position and signing Jackson would give them a legitimate deep threat who could also play on special teams. This would effectively allow the 49ers to let Ted Ginn leave during free agency.

A lot draft experts believe that the team will target a wide receiver during the early rounds of this years draft but Jackson could have plenty of appeal depending on whether or not they’re willing to take the risk of signing him.




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