AFC Notes: Broncos, Chargers, Raiders



  • Broncos CB Kareem Jackson, who tested positive for COVID-19, said there is already concern among players about the possible spread of infection during training camp starting on July 28: “There should have been concerns before guys started testing positive. We’re going to all be in close contact w/each other. Of course there’s going to be guys coming down with it.” (Mike Klis)
  • As for how Jackson contracted the virus, doctors told him he was likely exposed the weekend of June 12, not when the Broncos’ players participated in the Denver protests on June 6. (Nicki Jhabvala)



Raiders TE Darren Waller believes they could have a top-five offense with Derek Carr, their offensive line, and additions of first-round WR Henry Ruggs III, third-round WR Bryan Edwards, third-round WR/RB Lynn Bowden Jr., and veteran WR Nelson Agholor. 

“If you look at things across the board, starting with the offensive line and the quarterback, with improvement at the receiver positions and the tight ends trying to be consistent, I think our offense has a chance to do a lot of great things and put up a lot of great numbers,” Waller said, via Scott Bair of NBC Sports. “The big thing for us is finishing in the red zone this year. I know that we’re doing everything in our power to improve upon that. I don’t feel like having a top-five offense is out of the picture.”

Waller said the Raiders will have a “balanced system” in 2020 and has “high expectations” for their production. 

“We have that much talent. We have guys who are buying in. We have a balanced system. I have high expectations, and I think everyone on the offense would say the same thing.”

Walker said Ruggs is “definitely exciting” and praised his work ethic. 

“Drafting Henry Ruggs was definitely exciting,” Waller said. “Just seeing his playmaking ability was impressive but meeting him and seeing how good of a person he is, how humble he is, was also great. He has manners. He doesn’t really say a whole lot. He comes in and works hard. I like that.

Waller mentioned that he’s been dedicated to improving as a run-blocker but is still mastering his “technique.”

I want to have an attitude in the run game,” Waller said. “My want-to is there. My attitude has improved as the years have gone by, and now it’s about mastering the technique week in and week out. It’s the mindset in the run game and in pass protection as well. I was reliable in those area some of the time, and some of the time I wasn’t.” 

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