AFC Notes: Browns, Colts, Texans



Browns executive Alonzo Highsmith explained that he actually had Sam Darnold rated as his top quarterback prospect until he was able to spend time around Baker Mayfield.

“Here’s the honest to God’s truth,” Highsmith said, via the Canton Repository. “From the start of this college football season to the end of the season, I had Darnold No. 1 and Baker No. 2, [Josh] Rosen No. 3, [Lamar] Jackson No. 4 and [Josh] Allen after that. On our way through everything, you couldn’t tell me Darnold wasn’t the best. I did all my evaluations of the season.”

“[T]he part where you meet them off the field,” Highsmith added. “You watch their workouts. You watch everything. And Baker blew me away. Highly, highly intelligent. Highly competitive.

“And he had a trait that some of the good ones have. I call it efficacy. That includes the power to affect other people. I thought that of all the quarterbacks I watched, he stood out far and above the other guys. When he walked into a room, you knew he was there.


The Colts announced Monday that long-time WR Reggie Wayne has joined their staff as a volunteer assistant wide receivers coach.

Oh man, Reggie, he’s the best,” new HC Frank Reich said. “And sometimes as a coach, when you get a former player that’s done what someone like Reggie has done — which few people have done what Reggie has done — we’re always excited. But furthermore, when you actually coached the guy, it takes it to a whole new level of excitement, because I know the kind of person and the kind of pro that we’re getting. I know his knowledge of the game, his leadership on the field — really, with the whole team — but specifically with the wide receiver group can be dynamic.

  • Colts owner Jim Irsay said they debated trading up to try and take OLB Bradley Chubb, but they elected to stay at No. 6 overall and select G Quenton Nelson. (Kevin Bowen)
  • Irsay said that Nelson “is so unusual, doesn’t have any weaknesses. He’s a computer simulation of what an offensive linemen should be.”


  • Aaron Wilson reports that Texans named Patriots national scout James Liipfert as their new college scouting director.
  • Wilson adds that the Texans are also hiring former Cardinals scout John Ritcher as an area scout.
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