AFC Notes: Colts, Ravens, Texans



Colts HC Frank Reich explained that he debates with OC Nick Sirianni about potential fourth-down situations in close games. 

“We will push each other and I will say, ‘Are we really going to be comfortable with this with the game on the line?’” Reich says. “I mean is this really what we want to call when the game is on the line?’ Vice versa, he will ask me those same kinds of questions and we will just go back and forth. You have your fourth-down calls where they could be run or pass and then you have your fourth-down calls that are going to be all pass given the situation. So you basically have those two categories and we try to put a pretty strong filter on those calls and vet them. I mean everything is vetted a lot, but those calls are vetted even more so.”

Reich added that although he wants to be “aggressive” on offense, he tries to resist the temptation to take unnecessary risks on fourth downs. 

“I am trying to resist that temptation,” said Reich. “We want to be aggressive, but I don’t want to fall into the trap of, ‘Okay, well we are doing well on fourth down so let’s just go for it at will.’ That would be foolish so (we are) trying to find that balance.”


  • Nick Korte points out that the Titans releasing DE Brent Urban prior to Week 10 eliminates the Ravens’ 2020 fourth-round compensatory pick for losing WR John Brown.
  • Korte mentions that the Ravens could still re-gain the 2020 compensatory pick by releasing CB Justin Bethel before Week 10, but he’s been a standout special teams player.


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