AFC Notes: Jets, Patriots, Ravens



  • Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News writes that the Jets will be rooting for Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins’ stock to skyrocket in the coming months, as it could set up a situation where New York could trade back from No. 3 overall and pick up some extra draft picks to work with.


Patriots WR Julian Edelman admitted that this has been an “mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting” few years for him after previously tearing an ACL and being suspended to open the 2018 season.

“It means the world,” Edelman said, via “This is what you play the game for. It’s been a crazy year for me — two years. Have a kid, tear your ACL, miss four games (due to suspension) — I mean, it’s been a mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting year, and you put all that effort into overcoming that for this game. So it’s been a heck of a year to get to go out and play with your teammates and see how this thing’s evolved out, and it’s always a great thing to get to play in the last game of the year.”


Ravens HC John Harbaugh told reporters on Friday that their offense next season is “going to be very diverse,” but this nor the fear of injury will stop them from taking advantage of QB Lamar Jackson‘s running ability.

“Every player is one play away from being hurt, and every quarterback standing in the pocket is one hit away from being hurt, too,” Harbaugh said, via “The fact that he gets out and runs and scrambles … I get it. I think it’s fair to consider that, but you can’t live your life in fear. I think there’s just as much fear on the other side as he’s going to take the thing to the house if he gets out and runs too. So we’ll live in that world as opposed to the other world.

As for promoting Greg Roman to offensive coordinator, Harbaugh explained that the move was made because he wanted to center the offense around the run game. 

“He’s going to work at it really hard,” Harbaugh said. “Who he works with, or where he works it, I’ll leave that to him to answer if he wants to answer. But I’m quite sure that he’ll be working at it really hard, and he already is. Throughout the course of the offseason he’s going to throw the ball a lot. … I expect him to come back a better quarterback skill-wise than he was when he left. He’s determined to do that.”

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