AFC Rumors: Bengals, Broncos, Jaguars, Steelers



  • According to Ian Rapoport, there is no expectation of the Bengals parting ways with HC Marvis Lewis this year. Even so, Rapoport says it’s still possible they could meet on Tuesday and agree to move on or Lewis decide to return form coaching.
  • However, Rapoport says that the idea with Lewis re-signing last year was that it would be a two-year agreement.


  • As of now, the Broncos have yet to make a decision regarding HC Vance Joseph’s status. However, Ian Rapoport admits that the team’s poor performance down the stretch is likely to lead to them parting ways with Joseph next week.
  • In fact, Rapoport spoke with several sources in-tuned with this situation who believe the Broncos will be looking for a new head coach.
  • One possibility worth watching for Denver, according to Rapoport, is that Joseph could stick around for another year and have Gary Kubiak replace Bill Musgrave as offensive coordinator.


  • Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Jaguars HC Doug Marrone is believed to be safe, despite the team’s disappointing 2018 season.
  • According to Rapoport, the Jaguars will be in the market for a new offensive coordinator after firing Nathaniel Hackett midseason.
  • As for DC Todd Walsh, Rapoport says his status has not yet been decided.


  • Ian Rapoport reports that Steelers HC Mike Tomlin is not in trouble, even if the team misses the playoffs.
  • However, Rapoport says that it’s possible changes could come to their defensive staff with coordinator Keith Butler as someone who could be replaced or even retire.
  • Rapoport says it would be more of a “tinkering” as opposed to an overhaul.
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