Bears LB Lance Briggs Looking For Pay Raise?


Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago Bears LB Lance Briggs has approached the team about an increase in pay. McClure notes that the recent contracts of players like A.J. HawkLawrence Timmons and David Harris have impacted Briggs’s decision to request a raise.

There are a few issues that are likely to effect his chances of getting a new deal. First, he has three years remaining on his contract which will end up paying him $3.9 million in 2011, $4 million in 2012 and $6.5 million in 2013. Second, Briggs will be 31 in November and is older than everyone of the players that he mentioned as a reason why he’s worth the money. Lastly, the Bears front office has taken well to negotiating with players seeking new deals. Ask Olin Kreutz and Matt Forte how that worked for them.

McClure mentions that Bears GM Jerry Angelo was asked about the situation last night but declined to comment. “He [Angelo] obviously isn’t too thrilled with Briggs’ request,” writes McClure.

If Briggs’s contract is not addressed he’s ready to request a trade following the 2011 season. This is a situation that could end up playing out over the course of the season so it’s worth monitoring. You can expect more updates down the road.


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