Breakdown Of The Julio Jones Trade


Much was made of the Falcons decision to up to No. 6 overall and select WR Julio Jones during last year’s draft, which wound up sending four picks to Browns. Ian Rapoport of takes a look at what Cleveland was able to do with these selections.

Last year the Browns came away with FB Owen Marecic, WR Greg Little and NT Phil Taylor and added QB Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall pick this year’s draft. The other selection that they received from the trade, No. 118 in 2012, was part of the deal that allowed them to trade up for Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

Taylor and Little are still young and have a shot to become quality players, but their 2011 seasons weren’t exactly great. Pro Football Focus had Taylor rated as the No. 77 defensive tackle out of 88, while Little was rated as the No. 114 receiver out of 115. Marecic ranked slightly below average last season.

Weeden will ultimately be the determining factor in this trade as a successful season could turn things around for Little and possibly even Marecic. Their passing attack has been terrible in recent year’s, so at least they have a wildcard that could payoff big in the long run.

Jones is clearly the best player involved in this trade, even though it’s been only one calender year since it was completed, but the Falcons gave up the opportunity to draft an extra four players, so that too should be factored into the deal.

Based on what we know right now,

pixy Breakdown Of The Julio Jones Trade
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Holly Wellman
Holly Wellman
8 years ago

taylor is big,mean,and nasty on the front of our d-line,he is better then what you have or people have him ranked by light years.  he swallows up blocks allowing the line backers to take on the ball carriers ball hawking and attacking the ball. taylor caves in the o-line and disrupts plays,while having 5 sacks as well his roookie season. the dianamic duel of our twin monsters of taylor and rubin are the two best young d-tackles in the game today,also allowing sheard to come off the edge and to rush the qb.  little right now as a rookie is a… Read more »

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors
Reply to  Holly Wellman
8 years ago

Great point about Taylor’s sacks. He actually had four sacks last season and a forced fumble, but it’s certainly not easy for someone of his size to get to the QB when he’s typically fighting off double teams and such. I really do think Weeden can be successful, but have to question whether or not he has the receivers to be successful. Little has to get better. His rookie season was very disappointing, but that could be because he was asked to step in an be the guy for them. They love their TE’s so you’d have to think that… Read more »

Holly Wellman
Holly Wellman
Reply to  NFL Trade Rumors
8 years ago

yes your right he had 59 tackles ,forced fumble,4 sacks(i think i was thinking of rubins sack numbers and mix them up) ,qb hurries,clapsing the pocket so others could make plays,sacks,and hurries. are secondary was solid and so where are linebackers and there is talent there but it did start up front with all the pressure,hurries,and colapsing the pocket.   you will see he is only going to get better.  it starts up front in the trenches on your o-lne and d-line.  im sorry but we won the trade with just phil taylor!!! anything else is a bonus. we have the best… Read more »