Browns Announce Several Changes To Personnel Staff


On Friday, Browns GM Andrew Berry announced the following additions to their front office staff. 

  1. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah — VP Football Operations
  2. Ryan Grigson — Senior Football Advisor
  3. Charles Walls — National Scout
  4. Josh Cox — Northwest Area Scout
  5. Nate Sterken – Lead Data Scientist
  6. Andrew Jackson – Data Architect / Systems Developer
  7. Kevin Lewis – Software Developer

Browns also announced that 20 people have taken on new roles including promotions and title changes.

  1. Glenn Cook — VP of Player Personnel
  2. Ken Kovash — VP of Player Personnel Process & Development
  3. Andrew Healy — VP of Research & Strategy
  4. Dan Saganey — Director of Player Personnel
  5. Dave Giuliani – Director Research & Strategy
  6. Mike Cetta — Director of Scouting Research
  7. Adam Al-Khayyal — Assistant Director of Pro Personnel
  8. Tyler Hamblin — Football Operations Coordinator
  9. Zach Wigmore — Scouting Research Coordinator
  10. Megan Rock — Player Personnel Coordinator
  11. Shaun Herock — National Scout
  12. Colton Chapple — Southeast Area Scout
  13. Dan Zegers — Midwest Area Scout
  14. Jimmy Noel — Northeast Area Scout
  15. Branden Francis — Pro Scout
  16. Rod Streater – Scouting Assistant
  17. Joe Dever – Scouting Assistant
  18. Debra Kruszynski – Executive Assistant Player Personnel/Coaching
  19. Bradley DeAngelis – Director Football Information Systems
  20. Zach Zelinsky – Senior Software Developer

“I am excited about the group,” Berry said of the front office changes. “It was a very long process because we were diligent about a number of not only the senior-level positions but even entry-level positions. We did a lot of reference work. We did a pretty rigorous interview process and then obviously the work samples is really important for everybody that we would bring on board.

“I am excited because I think we have brought a lot of smart, talented people and put them in key roles. But also, everyone is not a carbon copy of one another – they bring different perspectives, different experiences, different viewpoints and that is what is going to push us to better decision making. We really are going to consider all the different perspectives and value them. That was a specific aiming point because I think that just helps us to be a better higher quality football operation. I think that is something that we took big strides in accomplishing this month.

Grigson, 47, had a brief NFL career with the Bengals and Lions before moving on and getting into coaching in 1998. The Eagles hired him as their director of player personnel in 2010 and he departed to become the Colts’ GM two years later.

After five seasons in charge of the Colts, Grigson was fired following the 2016 season. He spent a year working as a senior personnel executive for the Browns before joining the Seahawks as a consultant for the 2018 season.

During his five years in charge of the Colts, Grigson’s teams posted a record of 49 and 31 (61.25 percent) and made the playoffs three times.

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