Browns Sign Two Draft Picks Including Fourth-Round WR Antonio Callaway


The Cleveland Browns announced signed third-round DE Chad Thomas and fourth-round WR Antonio Callaway to four-year contracts.

This leaves three draft picks for the Browns to sign including first-round picks Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward:

Rd Pick Player Pos. Status
1 1 Baker Mayfield QB
1 4 Denzel Ward CB
2 33 Austin Corbett OL Signed
2 35 Nick Chubb RB
3 67 Chad Thomas DE Signed
4 105 Antonio Callaway WR Signed
5 150 Genard Avery LB Signed
6 175 Damion Ratley WR Signed
6 188 Simeon Thomas CB Signed

Callaway, 21, was selected with the No. 105 overall pick in the fourth round of this year’s draft by the Browns. Cleveland actually traded up in round four to get him.

During his college career at Florida, Callaway caught 89 passes for 1,399 yards receiving (15.7 YPC) to go along with seven touchdowns. He also rushed for eight yards and a touchdown over the course of 26 games.

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