Cardinals Cut Lawrence Okoye Last Year For Parking In Wrong Spot


In Episode 3 of “All or Nothing”, which is series about the Cardinals’ 2015 season, Arizona elected to waive DE Lawrence Okoye after he parked in a spot that was reserved for people buying tickets at to the team’s practice facility in Tempe, Arizona.

Cardinals HC Bruce Arians explained that Okoye couldn’t find another parking spot. However, even though it was a minor mistake, Arians elected to make an example out of the former British Olympian.

“There weren’t any parking places, so he just parked and came running in,” Arians said, via “Tough s—, bro.

“He has a different sense of entitlement having been an Olympian. He is a talented guy. He ought to go to Oxford.”

In a prior episode, Arians explained that this is one of his  pet peeves.

If there’s a sign on a parking place anywhere in this facility, don’t park in the bitch,” Arians said, “or I’ll tow your ass.”

Okoye, 24, originally signed on with the 49ers as an undrafted free agent back in 2013. He was considered to be a developmental project, seeing as he was a former rugby and track star.

After a little over two years in San Francisco, Okoye signed on to the Cardinals’ practice squad last year. He later signed on with the Jets, who elected to make Okoye an offensive lineman upon adding him to their practice squad. However, they waived a few months ago.

The Cowboys signed him to a contract close to a month ago.

Okoye has yet to appear in an NFL game.

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