Draft Rumors: St Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns, Kendall Wright, Ryan Tannehill, Brock Osweiler, Coby Fleener



St Louis Rams

SI.com’s Peter King reports that the Rams will “for sure” trade their #2 overall pick in the coming months.

The whole paradigm has changed,” said Rams COO Kevin Demoff. “Griffin could be cheaper than (Matt) Flynn. The fact that you can get a potential franchise quarterback for what the top picks are paid now makes it easier to justify trading a lot for it.”

Demoff believes that they could have a deal in place before the league meetings that will take place on March 24-28 but admits that it could always drag out until the draft.

There’s no question that the Rams are trying to maximize the value of this pick now that Robert Griffin III has put together a solid showing at this year’s combine. As of now, there’s definitely interest in the pick but the Rams will have to play their cards well because waiting could shift the leverage to whoever misses out on the free agent quarterback options. It would be great for them if two teams were still in the bidding come April.


Cleveland Browns

John Czarnecki of FOX Sports reports that the Rams have gotten some “weird, uninterested signals” from the Cleveland Browns regarding a deal for the #2 pick.

Multiple reports have mentioned that the Browns have not shown as much interest as teams like the Redskins and Dolphins. Clearly, Robert Griffin III has solidified himself as the #2 overall pick but the Browns seem to value draft picks as much as anyone and despite the fact that they have two picks in this year’s first-round. It’s still early and things can change but the Browns may choose to pass on the move up for RGIII.


Kendall Wright 

Peter King believes that Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon and Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd “will be the only two receivers [taken] in round one.”

Very few players had a worse impact on their draft value than Baylor WR Kendall Wright did yesterday. In recent weeks, Wright had worked his name into the discussion as possibly being the first wide out off the board come April. He’ll still have a shot to impress scouts at his March 21 Pro Day but right now he’s a late first, early second-round pick.


Ryan Tannehill

The NFL Network’s Albert Breer reports that a number of NFL teams have “more than a cursory interest” in Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill.

Both the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins are believed to have some amount interest in him. It’s worth noting that the Dolphins have hired former Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman so there’s definitely a solid connection there.

Mike Mayock puts  Tannehill in the same group of prospects as Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder.

Peter King reports that a number of NFL coaches believe that Tannehill “could be picked higher than he should go.”

Tannehill is one of the more intriguing prospects in this year’s class, mainly because of the fact that he’s only played the position for less than two years. He has plenty of athleticism and a decent upside but there’s no doubt that he comes with just as much risk.


Brock Osweiler

SI.com’s Peter King sees Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler as a contingency option for the Seahawks if they end up missing out on some of the other quarterback options.

Osweiler chose not to participate in this year’s combine even though he could have really capitalized on the fact that a number of prospects passed on the opportunity.


Coby Fleener

The San Francisco Chronicle mentions that the 49ers may give some consideration to Stanford TE Coby Fleener at the end of the first-round.

The fact that Fleener’s from Stanford can’t hurt his chances with the Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers have said that receiver is their main concern for the offense but adding another tight end could give Alex Smith a great set of options in the middle of the field. A deep threat is an obvious need but depending on what happens in free agency, they could look to add some addition talent at the tight end position.

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