Jaguars Interested In Tebow If Denver Signs Manning? reports that a source with “knowledge of the dynamics in Denver” has informed them Tim Tebow will most likely be traded in the event that Peyton Manning.

PFT adds that the Jaguars will be “in the mix” for Tebow if (when) he becomes available. However, the report does mention that Tebow would remain the team’s starting quarterback if Manning elects to sign with a team other than the Broncos.

As we’ve previously mentioned, Denver’s interest in Manning has more to do with the fact that he’s the only option that could limit the fury from Broncos fans for getting rid of Tebow . If they’re unable to get him signed, it could really backfired on the team and force them into a less than desirable situation.

It will be interesting to see what kind of compensation the Jaguars would be willing to offer for Tebow considering that there’s going to be a limited market for his services.

pixy Jaguars Interested In Tebow If Denver Signs Manning?

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