Jay Cutler Supports Offensive Coordinator Change


Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune writes that the Bears QB Jay Cutler met with head coach Lovie Smith earlier in the week and mentioned that he supported “moving on without Martz.”

Cutler and Martz’s relationship was pretty rocky throughout the season and was highlighted by the video clip that showed Cutler telling Martz off.

Chicago can now focus on finding their next offensive coordinator which will be the third hire during Cutler’s time in Chicago.

Briggs mentions that Cutler could make a push for Jeremy Bates who turned down the job a few years reportedly because of Jerry Angelo. Bates coached Cutler while in Denver years ago so that could be a starting point for the team.

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Mikey Roederer
Mikey Roederer
9 years ago

It makes no sense that they are hiring their third in three years if Martz has been in Chicago for two does it?

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors
Reply to  Mikey Roederer
9 years ago

Good catch. I meant to say that the Bears will be hiring their third OC during Cutler’s time in Chicago not third in the last years.