Latest Marshawn Lynch Trade Rumors


ESPN’s Adam Schefter discusses the Buffalo Bills options with Marshawn Lynch and the likelihood of a trade.

” Teams with a need at running back continue to monitor the Buffalo Bills, and with good reason. At one point last week, league sources said Buffalo seriously contemplated dealing running back Marshawn Lynch, but ultimately decided not to do it. For now, the Bills are planning on keeping Lynch past the NFL’s Oct. 19 trade deadline, but it won’t stop teams from calling. Multiple teams need a running back, including the Green Bay Packers, and one of the first calls that any of those teams make is inevitably to Buffalo, which is deep at running back. Lynch’s contract expires after next season and if the Bills want to get something in return for him, they will have to trade him before he leaves through free agency. But just because they have to eventually deal him doesn’t mean they will now.”


Mike Cole of discusses the possibility of the New England Patriots trading for Buffalo Bills RB Marshawn Lynch.

Cole mentions that the rumored asking price for Lynch is a fourth-round pick and while Bill Belichick isn’t know to trade away valuable draft picks, the Patriots received a fourth-round pick for Laurence Maroney from Denver a couple of weeks ago. The Bills may feel that Lynch has more value than Maroney which could increase the asking price for Lynch.

The one thing that is undeniable is that the Patriots currently have limited options at running back and as of right now Lynch remains the best available option. So far this option remains purely speculative but things change quick in the NFL and an injury could force a numbers of teams to pursue a trade. Bills will likely use him a good amount this weekend to hopefully justify a higher asking price.

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