Matt Forte Wants To Stay In Chicago, Ok With Franchise Tag


You would think that Bears RB Matt Forte would be looking to do everything possible to secure a long-term contract after nearly blowing out his knee during a game late into the season but it appears that Forte is ok with being franchised.

If they are doing the franchise tag just to get more time in order to negotiate a long term deal,” Forte said, via, “then I would be OK with it. But if it’s just to hold me another year and just, ‘Let’s throw some money at him right now to keep him quiet,’ that’s not going to solve anything.

Chicago would be wise to finally commit to their best offensive weapon after Jerry Angelo was low balling him for the last year. So far every indication from the Bears new front office is that they intend to get a deal done sooner than later.

I’m tired of talking about it, and I bet everybody is tired of hearing about it,” added Forte. “The production level is there. Everything seems like it’s pretty simple to get done, so let’s do it.”


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