NFC Notes: Bears, Cardinals, Seahawks



Bears GM Ryan Pace said they’re proud of how QB Mitch Trubisky has handled things during a tough stretch and they have confidence in him moving forward. 

“Other young quarterbacks around the league are going through it — the same thing. Honestly, we’re proud of the way Mitch is handling it,” Pace said, per Joe Ostrowski. “You see it within games right now. You saw it in Philly. It was really a tale of two halves. So he’s fighting his way out of it within games. We all know Mitch can play better. Mitch knows that. He’s just in the process of navigating his way through this along with the rest of the offense. He has confidence in himself. His teammates have confidence in him.”



Josh Gordon said he’s “extremely excited” to play for the Seahawks and has wanted to play in Seattle for a while.

“Actually, yes for a long time,” Gordon said, via Pro Football Talk. “Me and Russ[ell Wilson] have been talking about it for a long time, for a while behind the scenes, how nice it would be. . . . [H]ere I am.

As for being cut by the Patriots, Gordon said he understands the NFL is a business.

“[W]e all know it’s a business,” Gordon said. “Your time can be short-lived anywhere. You never know what could happen day to day in the NFL. But that was the decision they made and I’m glad to be here now.

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