NFC Notes: Falcons, Panthers, Saints



Falcons C Alex Mack said they’re integrating more outside zone runs into their offensive scheme, which is something they used previously when Kyle Shanahan was their coordinator. 

“The better we can run that, the more it opens up the field, the more play-action opens up,” Mack said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Having that weapon really opens up the offense. I know it’s something that I’m excited about. I like hearing that because it means we get to run the ball more. It means we have more play-action passes. In general, it’s something that I do well. I think if we can get that going, we’ll have a very powerful offense.

  • Mack said his goal in the NFL was to make it 10 years, but that he believes he still has a lot of “juice in the tank” right now. Mack added that he’s taking it “year to year” at this point as he enters the final year of his contract. (Jason Butt)


Panthers HC Matt Rhule spoke about how new QB Teddy Bridgewater is bringing opportunities to the team.

“The best players in the world bring out the best in their teammates and I can tell you, since free agency started, the amount of the guys that want to come and play with Teddy has nothing to do with me or anybody else,” Rhule said, via Jelani Scott. “They want to be a part of what he’s doing ’cause he brings out the best in the people.”


Saints DC Dennis Allen pointed out that the New Orleans’ coaching staff and roster of players have been with the organization for a few years, which should be “very beneficial” this offseason. 

“The fact that the majority of our coaching staff, and the majority of our players, have been together for at least the last three years I think is very beneficial,” Allen said, via John Deshazier of the team’s official site. “You ask me about installations and how the installations are going – we didn’t go through a lot of different things this offseason and say, ‘We’ve got to change this and do this and do that.'”

Allen mentioned that the Saints’ coaching staff are currently using their time in the virtual offseason program to fine-tune the defensive system. 

What we really said during the offseason was, ‘How are we going to do these things better? And how are we going to teach these things better?’ And that’s really where our focus has been. It’s been about really fine-tuning all the little details to everything that we’re doing defensively, from verbiage, terminology to techniques and fundamentals. Really trying to hone in on exactly the things that we want to teach and exactly the terminology we wanted to do to use that.

  • The Saints signed DE/OLB Anthony Chickillo to a one-year deal that qualifies for the veteran salary benefit and counts $887,500 against the cap. Chickillo’s deal is worth $1,047,500 and includes $68,750 in guaranteed money. (Nick Underhill)


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