NFL Notes: 49ers, Chiefs, Raiders





Raiders LB Vontaze Burfict took issue with the comparisons being made between the events that led to his suspension and Myles Garrett‘s actions from Thursday’s game.

“The NFL had to suspend somebody for that last night, since that wasn’t a football act,” Burfict tells Vic Tafur of The Athletic. “My suspension was a football act. I was hitting somebody. I wasn’t taking a helmet off and swinging it at somebody.

Burfict said he turned the game off after the brawl broke out because he didn’t want his daughters seeing that. 

“I don’t want them to see that,” Burfict said. “Because that’s not what I do. That’s not part of football. I hit people on the field during the game. And they say that’s dirty, yeah, whatever. I get hit, too, during the games, so don’t complain. It’s football, bro.”

Burfict blasted commissioner Roger Goodell for how he handled his appeal hearing. 

“I met Roger Goodell in New York, and he was a total b—-,” Burfict said. “He was a b—-. He didn’t let anybody speak. He rushed us in and out of the meeting. The meeting was bulls—. He already had the suspension in his hand.”

As for his future in the NFL, Burfict says he intends to be back on the field next year. 

Yeah, I’m coming back,” Burfict said, “The NFL can’t kick me out like that. They are going to have to kill me. I am too strong for that.”

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