NFL Notes: Bengals, Bills, Jets, Packers



An NFL executive tells Jason La Canfora that they viewed Bengals first-round WR John Ross as a “one-contract player” due to injury concerns.

We looked at him as a one-contract player,” the team executive told La Canfora. “Our doctors had serious reservations about his longevity at this level.


  • Jason La Canfora says thatĀ Bills owner Terry Pegula is going to be “hard pressed” to convince a top GM candidate to join their front office.
  • According to La Canfora, the final straw for Bills GM Doug Whaley was in regards to their recent first-round pick, as Pegula “stumped hard” for Patrick Mahomes while the Bills ultimately trade back with the Chiefs, who took him at No. 10 overall.
  • However, Vic Carucci has heard from sources that there’s no truth to the notion that Pegula “stumped” for Mahomes.


  • Based on the old draft value chart, Rich Cimini mentions that the Jets actually lose value by trading back so many times during the second and third day of the draft.
  • In total, the Jets seven picks were worth 2,478.4 points, but the nine picks they acquired total 2,429.5 value points — a drop of 48.9. This is actually the equivalent of a fourth-rounder, based on the chart.
  • It should be noted that the Jets did pick up a 2018 fifth-round selection in the process, but that pick would still leave them with a negative trade value return.
  • Had LSU S Jamal Adams not been available to the Jets at No. 6 overall, Cimini believes Alabama TE O.J. Howard would have been their pick.
  • Cimini mentions that the Jets were high on RB Leonard Fournette and believe Patrick Mahomes has the highest upside of the quarterbacks.
  • While the Jets haven’t said what they plan to do with S Calvin Pryor’s fifth-year option, Cimini points out that drafting two safeties in the first two rounds is an obvious indication it will be declined.


  • While many thought the Packers may take Wisconsin OLB T.J. Watt with the No. 30 overall pick this year, Bob McGinn says that he wasn’t a top consideration for Green Bay.
  • In fact, McGinn says that the Packers were set on taking either CB Kevin King, whom they were able to get even after trading back, and RB Dalvin Cook.
  • The Packers picked up a fourth-round pick they used on fellow Wisconsin OLB Vince Biegel and took King over Cook because he was a safer option that fit an obvious weak spotĀ for them.
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